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Women want to know about cannabis and sex

Whether relieving pain or increasing pleasure, woman are curious about cannabis as a sexual aid and enhancer.

Hands down, our most popular posts on Ellementa.com are the ones we’ve written about women, cannabis and sex. Even our cannabis and sex webinar was very well attended. We know that “sex sells,” but we think the real reason for the popularity of online content around cannabis and sex – particularly for women – is more complex.

We’ve found that when we hold educational events through our Ellementa Gatherings that feature the topics of sex and cannabis, our attendance dwindles. Or if women do attend our sexual wellness events, they are more often than not silent, listening to the experts but not participating in the conversations.

Sure, there are a few events where the conversation around cannabis and sex flows, but that is an exception. In some of those cases, the women already know each other from attending multiple Ellementa Gatherings. In other cases, once one woman opens up, her courage triggers an outpouring of responses and personal anecdotes resulting in a vibrant evening of sharing and support. In still other cases, there appears to be a generational divide where women in their 20s and 30s are more vocal and open about sex while the older women in the room politely observe.

There is no single reason why women respond to the topic of cannabis and sex in mixed and complicated ways. It is an individual response nuanced by many factors, from personal experiences to personalities.

Some of us still carry around a lot of fear and paranoia around cannabis from the “Just Say No” misinformation that was hammered into us at young and impressionable ages so are hesitant to say anything. Then add “sex” into that conversation, and it can be intimidating. Some of us may be grappling with, and trying to heal from, traumatic sexual experiences so the topic of healthy sex is a loaded one. The popularity of our articles about cannabis and sex could, in part, be attributed to women feeling more comfortable, even safer, searching for and reviewing sensitive information from the privacy of their own homes.

We hope that someday soon the stigma surrounding cannabis – and sex – goes away and that women’s comfort level around their sexuality, sexual wellness, and sexual pleasure increases. Until that time, we’ll continue to write about, and talk about, cannabis and sex candidly and honestly to provide relevant resources to help you live a healthier and happier life.

What are your thoughts – and feelings – about cannabis and sex?

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