Market Research

Learn from diverse women who are actively engaged with Ellementa and willing to share their opinions with us – and YOU.


We help you understand the mature, discerning female cannabis consumer.


We design studies that provide compelling information and analysis to help you better connect with women.


We develop reports with deep, action-oriented insights for strategic outcomes to fuel your growth.

Ellementa is the leader in understanding and reaching the female consumer, both the experienced and new cannabis user.

We provide market research services and consumer insights to cannabis, CBD and wellness brands like yours.

Our global women’s cannabis wellness network is a platform where we can collect current data on how women perceive, purchase and prefer cannabis and CBD products and services.

If you’re looking to better understand the unique needs of the female consumer, get in touch today!

We listen to women, and they respond to us.

We know that women are the main household decision makers of healthcare products and services.

Tap into the power of the female consumer with Ellementa.

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