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REVIEW: Incredible Wellness Suppository

Our co-founder, Ashley Kingsley, gets real about her sex life.

According to the North American Menopausal Society, between 25-45% of post-menopausal women find sex painful. The number one reason for pain during sex at midlife is dwindling estrogen due to menopause. Hormone shifts make the tissues in your vagina become thin, inflamed and dry. The vagina also is less elastic – like, a lot less.

Some suggested ways to address our painful sex include:

  • Making more time for foreplay. More foreplay, more lubrication, less pain. But not always.
  • Have more sex. That would be great, but it’s kind of a chicken and egg situation.
  • Sex Therapy. Not for me.  Not because I am closed minded. I like sex. I think therapy is helpful. But therapy isn’t going to make my vaginal tissues stronger.

There was no mention of cannabis in the study – ANYWHERE.

Intercourse pain, or dyspareunia, can cause not only painful sex but also negative emotional side effects. My experiences are directly related to menopause and endometriosis, but there are other diagnoses around painful sex where cannabis could help: PID, vaginismus, fibroids, vaginal injuries, ectopic pregnancies.

After my endometriosis diagnosis, I never knew one of the symptoms would be painful sex. When I was younger, it used to be so easy – my biggest concern was getting pregnant. I thought I had gotten through all the female reproductive barriers after nine gynecological surgeries.

My body wasn’t performing as I wanted it to. I also had two miscarriages on top of the endometriosis, two C-sections, and partial and full hysterectomies – maybe I was done for. My last surgery threw me into surgical menopause. Closed for business.

I didn’t want to take hormones; I was so tired of messing with my body’s natural ability to do its thing.

Feeling frustrated after about six months of trying to find the right recipe, I called my GYN. She prescribed a prescription estrogen cream. Quite frankly, I was so tired of putting pharmaceuticals in my body. I didn’t find the relief I was looking for with the estrogen cream so I quit using it. Painful sex meant no sex for me. I couldn’t bear the thought of it.

When I began using cannabis, I heard it might help with the pain and discomfort that accompanied sex. I tried consuming it to elevate my mood to see if it would help me relax and perhaps get my inflammation under control. Those nine surgeries I had left me with scar tissue that contributed to my pain. Ingesting or smoking cannabis did help me relax and was an effective pleasure enhancer, but it didn’t help fully help with pain.

I heard women found success with certain CBD oils and salves. I tried a few, to no avail. Add on top of pain a tween and teen in the house, and my sex life took more hits. Then I heard about CBD and cannabis suppositories.

Enter Incredible Wellness Suppositories

Suppositories? The idea sounded interesting in theory, but it didn’t occur to me to use a suppository for painful sex. Then I discovered Incredibles, a long-standing Colorado medical and adult use brand. In 2010, they were early to the Colorado market and now have three significant cannabis and CBD lines, including Incredible Wellness, that focus on health and wellbeing.

The Incredible Wellness Suppository is a discreet and effective method for cannabis dosing. I inserted the suppository into the vagina about 20 minutes prior to a hopeful attempt at sex. My usual pain was taken out of the equation the very first time I tried it. I literally cried tears of joy.  

Sex isn’t everything, but when you can’t do something you are “supposed” to be able to do, it feels very defeating.

All I had wanted was to be physically present in my 15-year marriage, and honestly didn’t think I was going to ever be again. And then I was, and I am. ONE SUPPOSITORY. JUST ONE!

Recommended Doses

Here’s what the company’s website says about dosing:

Dosing Choices:


500 MGS Cannabinoids per 1-pack = 25MGS THC 25MGS CBD in each suppository

1000 MGS  – 100MGS THC does per suppository


1000 MGS



250 MGS per dose

And It’s Not Just For Sex

There are numerous other reasons people use these suppositories, including but not limited to:

  • Hip problems
  • Endometriosis pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Prostate discomfort
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Lower back pain
  • IBS

If it hits you below the belt, cannabis suppositories could help.

Incredible Wellness Suppositories are available in Colorado. Click here to find locations where you can buy them.