CBD for Good Sleep? It’s Different for Everyone.

CBD for Good Sleep? It’s Different for Everyone.

Getting a good night’s rest is one of the best things you can do to support your overall health – along with good nutrition and moving your body actively each day. While we sleep, we restore our bodies and consolidate our memories. Think of sleep as a head-to-toe healing opportunity.

According to the American Sleep Association, almost 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Sleep issues could be trouble falling asleep or sleeping soundly through the night – or both. Stress in your life can affect how well you’re sleeping – and stressful times (pandemic, anyone?) can exacerbate bad “sleep hygiene.”

If you’re struggling with sleep, you might recognize this cycle:

  • Have trouble sleeping.
  • Search for a solution for better sleep.
  • Switch up your nighttime routine.
  • Try supplements.
  • Try over-the-counter medications.
  • Try prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Maybe something works for a little while, but nothing seems to be a long-term effective solution.

Why is it so complicated to find a lasting sleep solution? Each of our sleep issues are complex and often caused by a combination of many factors. For example, daily stress, pain, or anxiety could all negatively impact our sleep patterns. So could a noisy house, health problems, allergies, and other biological and external factors.

The number of sleep-impacting conditions are endless, making sleeping problems unique to each individual and more complex than what a single ingredient or general remedy can help solve.

Finding the best solution to your unique sleeping problems might require some personalization.

“A healthy body is as important to healthy sleep as healthy sleep is to a healthy body.”

Why Personalization Matters for Sleep Aids:

You’re a unique individual, and the reasons why you might be struggling with sleep are unique. Generic sleep aid solutions are designed around a single factor that may impact sleep, failing to address the whole picture. While a single ingredient may simply come up a little short, mixing multiple ingredients can get complicated or increase the risk of undesirable effects. One way to harness the holistic power of combined ingredients is to tailor the formula to the individual.

Here’s how that works:

Because sleep challenges are caused by a complex variety of factors, ranging from stress and pain to allergies and other biological health issues, addressing your personal combination of conditions is key to finding a better sleep aid. Melatonin-based treatments are popular supplemental approaches to aiding sleep that target specific receptors that signal to your body that it’s time for bed. Prescription aids like Ambien target GABA receptors to help quiet overactivity in your brain. That single-symptom approach could be why you’re constantly switching treatments to keep up with the evolving causes of your sleep troubles.

To improve your sleep for the long-term, look for personalized combinations of CBD and botanicals that are tailored around the set of factors affecting you. For example, you may need melatonin to help your brain recognize it’s time for bed, along with ingredients like Kava, Chamomile, and Hops to reduce anxiousness. Do you have trouble staying asleep? CBD’s effect on cortisol levels could mean fewer nighttime awakenings that are associated with high cortisol. Herbs like Milk Thistle and Ashwagandha can work overtime to help reduce inflammation, allergic symptoms, and treat liver problems, optimizing your body for a restful sleep. A healthy body is as important to healthy sleep as healthy sleep is to a healthy body.

Botanicals for Sleep

Below are some of our favorite botanicals and their properties. Think about how these plant-derived substances could work together to give you a better night of rest.

CBD for Good Sleep?


How to find personalized treatments for sleep?

Knowing how different botanicals interact with your body is only the first factor in finding a personalized solution to sleep better. You also need to understand which of your systems are out of balance based on which internal and external issues are causing your sleep problems. As you might imagine, figuring out your sleep issues can be quite complicated.

Many different things can influence what you need on a molecular level to find restful sleep, including your age, diet, lifestyle, and more. Typically, complex sleep problems can trace their roots to more than just a single receptor in your body, meaning you may benefit from a multi-targeted approach.
In addition to figuring out which botanicals to take, another crucial step is determining the appropriate amount of each ingredient. For example, should you take 20 mg of CBD or 50 mg? It’s hard to know for the average person without a medical or science background.

You can start by trying to find a personalized solution on your own. Make sure to use reliable sources backed by science and only purchase from trusted Internet sites. Look for articles that cite primary research articles – or better yet, go straight to the primary research on a site like PubMed.

You can also try a natural solution that was created using a personalized, scientific approach. ZIPPZ is a new CBD company that recently developed a matching algorithm for personalized CBD and natural ingredient-based sleep solutions. Take their short online assessment, and your profile will be matched to the top two highest recommended sleep formulas based on your unique needs, age, gender, lifestyle and conditions. This matching algorithm (and the ZIPPZ product line) was developed by analyzing the records of over 10,000 medical cannabis patients. ZIPPZ will send you a custom trial pack so you can then decide which tailored solution actually works best for you.

Improving your sleep can be hard. Be patient and don’t settle for less than real answers and effective solutions. It might take some trial and error to get to the restorative sleep you seek. If your sleep issues feel overwhelming, speak with a trained professional, and always consult with your physician before taking any new supplements or making any major health changes.

Here’s to catching some peaceful, healing ZZZzzzzzz’s.