Using the Gathering Planner

The Gathering Planner is an essential part of our Gathering Marketing process where you provide details, not just dates. You can find it through this link: and also in the landing page of the Ellementa Leader Site.

Please fill in all details for your upcoming Gathering in that form. The Planner must be filled out for every Gathering you organize. You should be able to go back and edit it as you add new information. We are unable to accept emailed updates unless you are having trouble updating this form. (If you are, please let us know!) NOTE: We recommend that you enter more than one upcoming Gathering to stay ahead and have more time to market.

The final deadline for getting your Gathering information in to us each month in the Gathering Planner is 4 weeks from the date of your Gathering unless you have a special arrangement in writing with HQ. You may miss out on marketing opportunities if we don’t have your Gathering info in time.

We require a minimum of 4 weeks to prep and market your Gathering on our end. If you are unable to meet this part of the process, we may ask you to push your Gathering back a few weeks or into the following month to give us time to properly promote it. We will not chase down this information. We’re your marketing services provider so will start marketing once you request it via the Planner.