We may ship items to you to give away at Gatherings or, in some cases, items are shipped directly to winners. If you are doing a giveaway, make sure you have a bowl or box, papers/entry forms and pens so women can drop their name to win. Discourage business cards as it makes the entries in the bowl uneven or use business-card sized card stock for entries.

Do giveaways toward end of the evening to encourage women to stay. “Must be present to win” is a good way to motivate women to stick around. Ask to take a photo of the winner WITH THEIR PERMISSION. If they aren’t comfortable, please get their name and email so the company/sponsor that provided the item knows who they are. If the item is not on hand, make sure to get their name and address to us ASAP via email so we can fulfill the prize. NOTE: We cannot give away any items with THC unless it is legal in the state. We provide non-THC/non-medicated items as giveaways.