Leader Resources and Forums

Getting Started

Leader Handbook

Everything you need to know to run a stellar Ellementa Gatherings in your community written conviniently as an online FAQ.

Gathering Topics

National topics are recommended for your Gatherings but NOT required. Use what is most appropriate for your Gathering and community. Aligning with the national topic could result in more sponsorships and press.

Gathering Tools

Downloadable Event Checklists

We’re updating the checklist presently, please email us for the most current copy + COVID caveats: [email protected]

Downloadable Gathering Sign in Sheet

Encourage guests to sign-in at your event. This is especially important if they did not buy their own ticket as we won’t have their email to thank them for attending or to let them know about upcoming events!

Reporting Forms

Sponsorship Forms

Leader Forums

Leader Forums!

Get support from Ellementa HQ and Gathering leaders all over the world in our new leader forums!