January is about Cannabis and Self-Care

No matter what is happening politically, women are eager to learn more about cannabis - and we're here to provide the best and most relevant information for all of our specific needs.

Denver Gathering on June 7th

We’re excited to announce that both Aliza Sherman and Melissa Pierce, Ellementa co-founders, will be at the first Denver Gathering on Wednesday, June 7 at Postmodern!
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Where is Cannabis Legal?

Remember the 80s? That decade brought us Flashdance, Scrunchies and big hair, and the War on Drugs with the slogan “Just Say No.” Fast-forward to 2017, and state governments are revisiting their marijuana laws and realizing that the ancient…

July Women's Wellness Sessions & Giveaways!

We're excited to bring you more of our Wednesday and Sunday Women's Wellness 1-hour Sessions at 12pm PT/3pm ET each week. Here is what is coming up this month!

3 Really Delicious CBD Edibles

Finding a delicious CBD edible can be a challenge. Here are some of our favorite edible items infused with CBD.


A Beginner's Guide to Smoking & Vaping Cannabis Flower

Two of the most common and popular ways of taking in cannabis medicine is through smoking or vaping. Learn more about them...

Need Better Sleep? CBD and CBN Might Help

Are you desperate for a good night's sleep? Good sleep habits - or “sleep hygiene” - is essential for getting a restorative night's sleep.

Meet the Author: Martin A. Lee ("Smoke Signals")

Meet the author of one of the most influential books about the history of cannabis up to the present day emerging industry.