If Perimenopause is the running start to Menopause, how do you win that inevitable race and feel better faster?

Meet Patty Pappas and Carrie Mapes, founders of Hello Again, who will answer questions such as:

1. What are some common symptoms of Perimenopause and how can women address them?
2. How can vaginal suppositories help with symptoms of perimenopause?
3. How do vaginal suppositories with THC actually work?
4. What should women look for in THC vaginal suppositories?

In addition to a candid conversation about female vaginal and reproductive health, Patty and Carrie will introduce you to their new product, Hello Again, available in several LA and Orange County dispensaries.

Even if you aren’t in SoCal, you can still benefit from this interactive video wellness chat led by Ellementa Los Angeles leader, Mari Oxenberg.

Feel like yourself again!

Watch the video below. You may also want to check out our article: Microdosing Cannabis for a More Blissful Menopause




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