Life is hard, eating is simple.

Join us to receive interesting re-frames and a new approach to fueling your body from a place of truth.

Are you ready to kick diet culture to the curb for once and for all?

After struggling with obsessions around food for almost a decade, Kiki Athanas eventually discovered a way out of the prison of diets – by reconnecting with her innate body wisdom & internal boundaries.

Today, she teaches women through that same structured process, so they too can free themselves from constant thinking about eating…thinking about not eating…or just constant eating! Let food be enjoyable again.

During this show you will learn:
– Why diets don’t work for so many
– Common ways people can sabotage their rhythmic eating (and how not to)
– My top tips for beginners
– Societal/cultural norms that contribute to a dysfunctional relationship to food
– Recommended reading & resources
– How to get back on track after you’ve “fallen off the wagon”