We brought back sex educator and product developer, Chelsea Cebara, to talk to us more about her favorite topic!

In this episode of “The Ellementa Show,” Chelsea will focus on the groundwork – the very basics that Mother Nature provides us to set us up for sexual success!
She’ll cover:
– intimate self-care
– intention-setting
– methods to enhance connection, and
– personal after-care
Says Chelsea, “I believe that arousal is a natural state and that most of our work in having great sex involves removing barriers to our arousal rather than adding amplitude to it.”
Amen, Sister!
GIVEAWAY: Make sure to show up on time and to stay until the end because we’ll have a special appearance by Jo-Anne Reynolds, CEO of Sexy AF Spirits! She’ll talk about her 100% Alcohol Free, vegan, sugar-free, plant-based, low cal, low carb, Kosher, botanically infused spirits that are perfect for mixing! She’ll also be giving away samples to one lucky attendee from the U.S. and one lucky attendee from Canada. Don’t miss it!