Introducing CannaBlendz, a new patent pending dietary supplement
that you take with cannabis to enhance your experience and provide a healthier high.

Consumers use cannabis for different reasons, such as coping with stress, supporting creativity, heightened focus and facilitating social interactions. That’s a broad range of outcomes to expect from a single plant, especially considering how each person’s body responds differently to different cannabis strains.

As a result, many cannabis consumers feel their cannabis experiences and outcomes can be unpredictable and fall short of meeting their goals. To solve this, CannaBlendz created a line of four botanical supplements that you consume with your cannabis to help enhance its benefits and give you better control of your experience.

You can choose from boosting the way cannabis enhances your focus, social interactions, stamina, or recovery.

CannaBlendz was scientifically formulated using ‘network pharmacology’ principles whereby each ingredient uniquely targets receptors in different systems in a way that is supportive and complementary to how cannabis works in your body. The result is like an amplifier, where one plus one equals four, because more systems collaborate toward the same benefit.

One example of this collaboration, all CannaBlendz formulas contain rare botanicals, such as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, that are known as adaptogens. Whether you have physical or mental stress, these amazing plants work to strengthen and support your hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, which is the system that manages your response to stress.

So, when you take CannaBlendz, you not only enjoy an improved cannabis experience, but you also get continued support coping with stress in the days that follow – giving you a true “healthy high”.

CannaBlendz was developed in conjunction with Physicians, PhD Clinicians and Ethnobotanists who have conducted medicinal plant research in over 45 countries.