Ellementa Leader Licensing and Commission Agreement Terms of Service

This agreement covers a licensing and services plus commission-based arrangement for hosting Ellementa events between the undersigned (Contractor) and

Ellementa, Inc. c/o Spark The Creative
800 E. Dimond Blvd. Suite 193-412
Anchorage, AK 99507


(CONTRACTOR) agrees to license the Ellementa brand and event framework to conduct Ellementa-branded events. CONTRACTOR will engage independently in the logistics of planning and implementing regular Gatherings or Events in their local community. This is in no way a position of temporary or permanent employment with Ellementa, Inc. for 12 months from the date of this agreed notice of Terms of Service.

CONTRACTOR agrees to pay either an annual fee of $350 upon signing this agreement or enroll in a monthly subscription for services of $35/month upon signing this agreement.

ELLEMENTA will remit the following to the CONTRACTOR per Gathering held:

  • 100% of Gatherings admissions fees. Share of any additional revenues related to Gatherings to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.*
  • 50% commission for Local Sponsorship Sales
  • 10% finder’s fee for Sponsor Referrals.

PARTIES also agree to the following:

  1. CONTRACTOR independently organizes Ellementa-branded Gatherings on their own schedule that they will share with ELLEMENTA.
  2. CONTRACTOR secures local venues for Gatherings, handles event logistics, engages in local marketing efforts to attract women to attend, and covers event expenses.
  3. CONTRACTOR will secure Local Sponsors for their Gatherings after receiving Sales Training and Sales Tools from ELLEMENTA. ELLEMENTA will invoice sponsors, collect payments and pay 50% sales commission to CONTRACTOR.
  4. ELLEMENTA provides registration set up and marketing services including: Event graphics, Eventbrite registrations, Facebook Events, and Ellementa.com event listings for all Gatherings. ELLEMENTA will conduct email and social media marketing activities to support each event.
  5. CONTRACTOR will use approved Ellementa-branded marketing assets and participate in event marketing efforts. CONTRACTOR will not create custom graphics utilizing the Ellementa brand without written consent from ELLEMENTA.
  6. CONTRACTOR will confirm dates, times, places and programming at least four (4) weeks in advance of each planned Gathering, six (6) weeks in advance for launches to provide sufficient times for ELLEMENTA services to be rendered. CONTRACTOR is responsible for securing optional guest experts. Guest experts are not compensated by ELLEMENTA. ELLEMENTA will provide monthly theme-based topic resources. Sponsors may opt to provide experts to speak at Gatherings.
  7. CONTRACTOR will determine admission for Gatherings. Typical admission is $10 for tickets. CONTRACTOR will receive 100% of admissions (less Eventbrite fees).
  8. CONTRACTOR will not provide, make available, or allow others to distribute to Gathering attendees any cannabis or cannabis-infused products or CBD products that are not derived from industrial hemp or any other illegal substance based on any local or national laws or regulations.
  9. CONTRACTOR will not engage in any illegal behavior in association with Ellementa.
  10. CONTRACTOR will not approach companies or negotiate online or national sponsorships on ELLEMENTA’s behalf unless engaged in a separate formal sales contract and trained by ELLEMENTA.
  11. If not engaged in a sales contract with ELLEMENTA, CONTRACTOR may suggest potential sponsors or make introductions for ELLEMENTA to secure sponsorships and receive a 10% finders fee.
  12. CONTRACTOR will not misrepresent as an employee of ELLEMENTA or disparage or damage ELLEMENTA at any time or in any forum. CONTRACTOR will behave in a professional manner at all times when representing ELLEMENTA.
  13. CONTRACTOR will not compete with ELLEMENTA by leaving ELLEMENTA to form or run a similar group for women about cannabis or CBD or attempt to do harm to ELLEMENTA at any time.
  14. CONTRACTOR will not use or take ELLEMENTA contacts, resources, sponsors, advertisers, members or followers to compete with ELLEMENTA.
  15. All information, correspondence, and communications shared by ELLEMENTA with CONTRACTOR
    are confidential and should not be shared with any other parties.

Either party can terminate this agreement at any time in writing. All ELLEMENTA assets, intellectual property, content, and contact databases are and remain property of Ellementa, Inc. at all times. Ellementa will make best efforts to issue a check within 30 days after the end of each Gathering or event when admission sales or sponsorship sales are secured. Amounts under $50 may be held until after the following month’s Gathering. Sponsorship sales payouts are contingent on full payment from sponsors or advertisers related to the events. All best efforts will be made by both parties to fulfill the above activities in good faith. Renewal of this agreement can take place with the written agreement of both parties.