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StashLogix Odor-Resistant Stash Bag (Go Stash) – $49

Carry all of your accessories in the StashLogix bags. Reconfigure what it can hold snugly and securely by moving around velcro dividers. Comes with jars to hold product and a carbon odor-combatting pouch plus a small notebook and pen to take notes on what you consume and the effects. Comes in three sizes: Go, Eco and Pro. In Natural Hemp or Black Nylon. Get a StashLogix Odor-Resistant Stash Bag (Go Stash).

Shop with our partner: Healthy Headie – a woman-owned business

Mindy  – Andes – $29.99

Mindy looks beautiful in this imported Andean fabric. Mindy’s size is about that of a cosmetics case and is the ultimate discreet carry bag. Odor Loc Tech, smell proof zippers, organized pouches and extra odor controlled zippered pockets in all the right places. She can sit on your counter or night table, always concealing and always beautiful.

Mindy Dimensions:  8” X 4  5/8”  X  2  7/8”

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The Cannary Pouch – $85

Hand stitched from imported leather, the Cannary Pouch provides an elegant and discreet way to carry smokables, with a zippered pocket on top for a pipe or vaporizer, and another one for your stash, all wrapped up with a flap that covers both and closes with a tab and post. Available in blonde, brown and embossed floral pattern. (specify color when ordering).

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