Ellementa and Frontier Jackson Present: CBD for a Healthy Life.

The FDA is saying CBD products carry “real risk” to consumer health.

What exactly are they talking about and are you in danger?

We’ll speak with Dr. Jessica Knox, a cannabis physician who regularly treats patients with cannabis and CBD, to help us separate the facts from fiction.

After this webinar, you will know:

1. What CBD is, where it could come from, and how to find safe, quality products.

2. The benefits of taking CBD but also the risks under certain conditions or circumstances.

3. Where to get better information about CBD so you can separate misinformation and myths from facts.

4. How to determine if using CBD as a daily supplement is right for you.

No hype. No exaggerated claims. No hidden agendas.

You deserve answers based on science and medical research. We’ll give you that and more!