What are the benefits of CBD Anti-Aging Skincare products?

Nancy Duitch will discuss starting her wellness and beauty company Sera Labs from the ground up including her anti-aging skincare line Seratopical which features CBD and many other rich anti-aging ingredients.

Nancy will discuss why the skincare line, which Nicole Kidman has just signed on to as a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador, focuses on scientifically-backed ingredients and what consumers should look for in the CBD skincare products they buy.

She’ll answer the questions:

Why has CBD skincare taken off in the past 5 years?

Why does CBD make for a great ingredient in high-quality anti-aging skincare products?

What other anti-aging ingredients should people look for in their skincare products?

What is the future of CBD and anti-aging skincare?

How do people know if their CBD skincare products are high-quality?

What should you look for?