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Women Wednesday: Casey Georgeson, Saint Jane

Each Wednesday, we feature a woman changing the landscape of the cannabis industry.

Meet Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane

How would you describe yourself and what you do?

I am a mother to three beautiful girls, entrepreneur, wife, brand creator and beauty junkie! As the founder and CEO of Saint Jane – a small but fast-paced luxury CBD beauty brand – I do it all. I have a small team that I am thankful to work with, but we’re all hands-on deck. On any given day, I’m helping with shipments, answering customer emails, working with our labs, posting on social, meeting w/ current and potential retailers, product training and creating new products.

I’m driven by creating products that help people experience CBD through beauty formulations that support the CBD mission of calming, soothing and detoxifying the skin. My background is in beauty and wine development, and I have always wanted to create my own brand. I passionately believe in the wellness benefits of CBD for the skin, and the inspiring ways it has transformed people’s lives.


When did you get started working with cannabis? What is your vision and mission for your professional cannabis endeavors?

It was when California legalized cannabis. I’d read a few articles highlighting the amazing benefits of CBD and it piqued my curiosity. I went to a San Francisco dispensary to learn about CBD and its benefits in skincare. I have a long history in beauty and have worked for both Sephora and Kendo. I developed brands like Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth and James and Kat von D, so my interest in ingredients and formulas runs deep.

About a year later, and after lots of research, I launched Saint Jane. CBD is at the core of everything we do. Our products are rooted in the CBD wellness mission, and I passionately believe in its powerful ability to improve the skin That intersection between luxury, wellness and CBD is my vision for Saint Jane.

My mission is to spread the word about this healing botanical, while creating efficacious, best in class, clean products. CBD is a powerful wellness molecule with more antioxidants and micronutrients than both Vitamin C and E.

We’re just at the beginning of understanding CBD’s powerful benefits.

Saint Jane was an actual Saint who was anointed into sainthood for healing women, specifically women society abandoned like the very old, the sick and unwed mothers. The brand’s ethos is inspired by her deep dedication to healing and changing lives.


What is your personal cannabis origin journey?

My origin story goes back to my great-grandmother, who was a mail order bride from Italy and a very early female entrepreneur. Thanks to her determination and hutzpah – two popular and well-known wineries were started, Franzia and Gallo. She went into what is today known as Bank of America and applied for a $5000 loan which she got, and then she promptly divided that sum between her son who took the money to start Franzia Vineyards and her son-in-law who used his funds to start Gallo Vineyards. And, this was right around the time of Prohibition and Great Depression – so not the best time to start making wine!

While I never had the opportunity to meet my great-grandmother, her passion and fearlessness have always guided me, especially as I founded Saint Jane.

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