Remember when you were younger and had to take your medicine but didn’t like the taste of it? Or maybe you were given the cherry or grape flavored kind, where the fruitiness masked the bitterness, and you actually liked it? Flavors – and sugar – have been added to medicines and supplements for years as manufacturers look for ways to get you to take theirs.

The same flavor manipulations happen with ingestible CBD extract (also referred to as CBD tinctures or CBD oils). There are an array of flavored CBD extracts on the market – many of which we’ve enjoyed and reviewed favorably. We, like you, consider taste an aspect of the overall experience of taking our CBD.

Hemp-derived CBD or Cannabidiol, the chemical compound derived from the hemp plant, has less flavor if it is isolated from the rest of the cannabinoids and plant matter. Full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp – extracted from the whole plant – can have a more pungent flavor and even a bitter taste. The stronger the concentration, the stronger the taste.

When we first tried Rational Hemp’s pure and undiluted full spectrum hemp extract, it took us by surprise. We’ve been spoiled by peppermint, berry, lemon, orange, or even mildly earthy and grassy, but this taste was intense, rich and terpeney, with a slight bitterness hitting the back of the tongue.

“Wow, this is strong!” was our first thought. Indeed, Rational Hemp is strong.

Getting into Effectiveness

Remember your first taste of beer as a child or kombucha as an adult? Like any unexpected flavor that can be referred to as an “acquired taste,” Rational Hemp’s flavor grows on you. In fact, the flavor actually seems to verify the purity and concentration of the product.

In terms of the concentration of CBD in a bottle, most people who take CBD daily are ingesting about 20mg depending on their needs. Using Rational Hemp’s 2400mg product, a quarter of a dropper is 20mg of CBD. We’re totally satisfied with the results of a quarter dropperful of the 2400 mg and are taking it daily without any hesitation. (We’re taking it for anxiety, the daily stress of pandemic life and overall wellness).

We also like the additional benefits of Rational Hemp’s whole plant approach (flowers and buds for the CBD extraction). While we typically see MCT-oil-based CBD extracts, Rational Hemp uses hemp seed oil as their base which means that it contains polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. Note that hemp seed oil does not contain CBD, but the wellness benefits of hemp oil – and hemp seed – have been noted for years.

If you’re looking for an effective CBD product that doesn’t mask what Mother Nature intended, Rational Hemp is the right choice. And by the way, their full spectrum hemp extract cream with a hint of bergamot is divine!

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