Review: Kiva Blueberry Bites

Carrie is our cannabis reviewer. She is a nonprofit consultant living out her hippie dreams in San Francisco. In addition to her passion for bringing cannabis health education to women, she has a passion for bringing empathy to nonprofit management.

I am not new to edibles. As far back as my early 1990’s grunge college days, I remember stumbling upon pot brownies or cookies (once even a bright green Rice Krispie treat) at a party and eating them without any idea what the dosage was or what the effect would be. Each experience left me either too high or had no effect at all. I mostly stuck with smoking cannabis.

And then along came medical marijuana, and I no longer had to guess at what and how much I was taking of a given product. Here’s my review of Kiva Blueberry Bites.

Kiva Confections is a California based not-for-profit collective. They claim to make the highest quality medical marijuana products from all natural ingredients combined with cannabis. They are very serious about consistent THC potency and lab-test every batch to ensure it.

I was immediately drawn to Kiva’s beautiful packaging for these truly delicious chocolates.

Kiva Bites are the latest addition to the Terra Bite line from Kiva. Although I’ve enjoyed many of Kiva’s other edibles, the Bites stand out because they come in such small and easily measurable doses.

The Bites come in the kind of tin you’d buy fine chocolates in for a dinner host gift. The container is very discreet – almost too discreet for those of you who might have children around. The packaging is definitely not child-resistent – it really does look like high-end candy – so be careful to keep out of reach of children!

Each container includes 24 five-milligram Bites.

Once I popped open the tin, I found a bunch of adorable individual chocolate balls inside.

When I started consuming the Bites, I started with one. Half a Bite for someone new to edibles should be enough. I ate mine on an empty stomach, and it took about an hour to take effect. The Bite itself is a tasty chocolate, without the cannabis aftertaste of most edible products. The chocolate is a bit waxier than a premium dark bar, but deeper in flavor than a grocery store bar. The dried blueberry inside is plump and substantive.

I experienced both physical and mental effects from the Bite.

My body relaxed, and my shoulders lowered. My various aches and pains – including from fibroids – subsided. My mind was stimulated a bit, but not with any sense of anxiety or paranoia but rather a creative and uplifting effect.

Now, if I eat them first thing in the morning, by the time I sit down to work or interact with clients, I feel focused and calm. I would say the effect lasts for up to four hours. If I want to stay in approximately the same state over a longer period of time, I eat another one – again, on an empty stomach – after about three and a half hours for a full day of uplifted productivity.

Overall, I would recommend Kiva Blueberry Bites, especially to women who are seeking a gentle entré into edibles. I haven’t been able to find another chocolate as delicious and so easy to dose!