So many of us don’t feel good enough, doubt ourselves and in return look for more confidence. What if that confidence has nothing to do with what is outside of you or what you think you need to achieve and all with who you decide to be right now. To come to that ability of deciding a few things have to be in place.

Self-Love Coach and Shaman Nicola will discuss how the practice of Shamanism, an ancient Healing Art, can help us heal old patterns and wounds. On this show, we’ll answer these questions and more:

  1. What is Shamanism?
  2. What happens when you see a Shaman for healing?
  3. What ancient wisdom can you apply to your present life to reach Bliss?

Find out how you can, from one moment to the next, feel that Self Worth and have Self Love on the way.

Go even further and create, with that Self-Love, the most amazing life you ever imagined!

Let yourself be surprised by our conversation on: Self Love as the path to Self Worth & Bliss.