Expand your exploration of health and wellness. Have you been interested in incorporating Sacred Plant and Animal Medicine into your wellness routine?

Join Charlotte James, a harm-reductionist, psychedelic explorer, and the co-creator of The Sabina Project. Charlotte works to expand access to education, ceremony, and integration support for all journeyers, and especially BIPOC folx. Charlotte had been recreationally exploring psychedelics for many years, and was able to shift her use to be an integrated aspect of her wellness journey.

Charlotte will talk about the power of working with our plant and animal allies, finding inner strength, and building community during a global pandemic. She will touch on how to work with these medicines with reverence and respect, and in ways that keep your mental, physical, and spiritual health safe.

Charlotte will also offer opportunities to join her and The Sabina Project in community so that you can begin to build an intentional practice with Sacred Earth Medicine that will lead to your personal transformation and our collective liberation.