Meet Nicolle Hodges, author of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go Oh Oh!”

Nicolle Hodges is a sexual freedom philosopher, author, journalist, and founder of @GirlsWhoSayFuck—an incubator for ideas and conversation that instigate change. She is the creator of @MenWhoTakeBaths — a project where she interviews men in bubble baths about masculinity. Her first book, “The Orgasm Book — Oh, the Places You’ll Go Oh Oh!” — is about women’s orgasms and sexual empowerment in rhyme form.

She’ll answer your questions such as:

1. What is a sexual freedom philosopher?
2. What made you want to write this book, how did the idea…come…to you?
3. How can women lead a more “orgasmic life”?

Let’s get candid about women’s sexual wellness!

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