You’ve walked into a dispensary looking for the right cannabis product for your health and WHAM! You’re bombarded with an array of products.

Or you’re looking at products online, ready to place an order but confused by the ingredients and the ratios. What does this all mean?

Ellementa has partnered with Caliva to bring you the low down on reading cannabis and CBD product labels so you know what you’re getting.

Understanding the compounds, figuring out the ratios, and looking at the added ingredients are key to making sure you end up with a product that can best serve your needs.

Join Ellementa’s CEO, Aliza Sherman, and a special guest expert from Caliva, your friendly and trusted cannabis brand.

In this webinar with Caliva, you’ll learn:

→ How to choose the right cannabis product for you by understanding what is in it.

→ How to know which products contain the chemical compounds you need.

→ How to read the labels on cannabis and CBD products to know what you’re getting.

We get practical and real about reading cannabis and CBD product labels so you get empowered and can make informed choices.