We welcome Elana Frankel, entrepreneur and author of “Women and Weed,” who will join Ellementa CEO, Aliza Sherman, for a brief conversation about CBD, the brain, and meditation.

This 30-minute session includes a guided meditation so find a quiet spot, get comfortable, and get ready to center it all, girl!

In 2015, Elana fractured her skull. One second she was chatting with girlfriends; the next, she was having a CAT scan. Her Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) left her bedridden with a swollen brain and loss of senses – smell and taste. The traditional solution for TBIs, bed rest in a dark room with no stimuli, did not work for her lifestyle—a wife and mother with a career as a creative director and yoga teacher.

When her husband found research being done in Israel using CBD to treat soldiers with head injuries, she told him that she was not going to smoke pot. “I could barely string a sentence together.” He explained CBD is the non-psychoactive plant extract that has anti-inflammatory properties. She changed her tune.

Elana is also the founder of the online marketplace, Indigo and Haze.

Learn more about Elana’s story, CBD and meditation. We look forward to seeing you, virtually.