Detox is a buzz word we always hear in the springtime. In this virtual food demo Heather Beahan from Heather’s Healing Kitchen and Alicia Salazar from Stay Balanced will show you how to support your body’s natural detoxification system using fresh vegetables and herbs like horseradish and arugula.

Plus, you’ll learn how to make home-made hemp milk and CBD-infused sunflower butter & bee pollen bites to help you gear up for allergy season.

Learn how both food and cannabis can support you in some gentle Spring eating.

A note from Alicia: “In the video while talking about broccoli sprouts as a detoxifying food I said that the sprouts can be soaked in warm water to increase the Sulforaphane and the water can be consumed, but what I meant was the sprouts can be consumed after soaking! Discard the water! Happy cooking!”

What’s on the menu?

Almond Milk and Cacao Hemp Milk
Golden Milk with CBD Pulp
Radish Chips with Walnut Paté
Spicy Beet Salad
Asparagus Soup
Sunflower Bites

Download the recipe book and follow along in the video to learn how these ingredients work together!

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