Travel can be good for your health. Cannabis can add health benefits and enjoyment to any trip!

In this episode of “The Ellementa Show,” we’ll explore the ins and outs of traveling to places where cannabis is legal – specifically in the United States and Canada – and how to fully take advantage of this.

You definitely want to tune in live if you want to find out:

1. How to locate cannabis-friendly accommodations when traveling, especially if you are medicating regularly

2. How to identify destinations where cannabis consumption is accepted (or part of the offering) and legal

3. Ideal places where you can consume cannabis where traveling (and the places where you’ll get in trouble)

Our guest will be Kim Sarsons, a long-time AirBnB host who has made her place canna friendly and listed on HiBnb. Kim is setting out to let others know about the best ways to take full advantage of pro-cannabis laws and cannabis supportive locations for wellness and relaxation.