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THCa, THCv, CBDa – what? Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about THC and CBD, there’s more to learn about cannabinoids including the acid and variant forms.

And did you know two new cannabinoids – THCP and CBDP – were recently discovered? We’ll talk about that!

We love Emma Chasen! As an expert on the science behind cannabis, Emma brings complex concepts to our level so we gain a deeper understanding of the plant.

After this webinar, you will know:

What Cannabinoids are and what the research is showing they do.
Why and how Cannabinoids affect our bodies and brains, such as THC getting you high but CBD not having intoxicating effects.
How to identify wellness products that emphasize particular Cannabinoids for specific effects.
No hype. No exaggerated claims. No hidden agendas.

You deserve answers based on science and research. We’ll give you that and more!

Know what is in the medicine you are taking or planning to take. More knowledge means greater effectiveness.