Interested in an enhanced level of intimacy with your sexual partners?

Join us for a conversation with Sophie Saint Thomas, a sex and cannabis writer based in New York City.

We’ll talk about sex and cannabis as well as learn about The Intimacy Journal.

Goldleaf Presents The Intimacy Journal, A Collaboration with Sophie Saint Thomas x FORIA

The Intimacy Journal empowers you to take charge of your love life today by making it easy to document and analyze your sexual and kink experiences on cannabis.

This first-of-its-kind journal was developed in partnership with acclaimed journalist Sophie Saint Thomas, alongside FORIA Chief Education Officer Kiana Reeves and her team of wellness experts.

The Intimacy Journal is an inclusive journal, designed for use regardless of whether you’re straight or gay, female or male, cis or trans, polyamorous or monogamous, kinky or vanilla.

Through its guided entry pages and infographics, The Intimacy Journal will allow you to facilitate your cannabis-fueled amorous adventures in a way that will help you take control of your sexual essence and obtain the fullest possible understanding of what really turns you on.