Cannabis and Women – The Perfect Match

October is a month for awareness of women’s health: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Mammography Day (Oct 19).

Many of our Gathering Leaders will be leading conversations about cannabis and women’s health and wellbeing, including reproductive health, peri-menopause and full-on menopause. Some Leaders will zero in on women’s cancers and cannabis for women who are dealing with cancer, chemo, radiation and recovery or caring for someone who is.

Our goal with our monthly Wellness Gatherings for women in cities around the world is to empower more women with knowledge about the Endocannabinoid System and why cannabis is so compatible with the human body.

Women have been using cannabis for centuries to relieve everything from labor pains to migraines, from lifting moods to promoting more restful sleep, from relieving debilitating menstrual symptoms to easing the symptoms of menopause. Women are nourishing their bodies with much needed cannabinoids that help modulate hormones, boost immune systems, and promote overall better health and wellbeing.

We hope to see you at one of these Ellementa Gatherings:

MON, OCT 15 7:00 PM – Ellementa Boston (Melrose): Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
Bissex Residence, Melrose

TUE, OCT 16 7:30 PM Ellementa Calgary: Women’s Wellness – Menopause, Perimenopause, PMS
Harvest Medicine, Calgary

WED, OCT 17 6:30 PM – Ellementa NYC: Women, Cannabis & Pain
The Alchemist’s Kitchen, New York City

THU, OCT 18 7:00 PM – Ellementa Los Angeles: Women, Cannabis and Health
Dr. Norm’s Lounge, Sherman Oaks

THU, OCT 18 7:00 PM – Ellementa San Francisco: Women Leaders in Cannabis: Notes from the Edge
Neyborly, San Francisco

SUN, OCT 21 1:00 PM – Ellementa CA Central Valley (Modesto): Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
Sukha Yoga Studios, Modesto

SUN, OCT 21 3:00 PM – Ellementa SF East Bay (Walnut Creek): Women, Cannabis & Healing from Cancer Holistically
Sabores del Sur Restaurant, Walnut Creek

WED, OCT 24 7:00 PM – Ellementa Elgin: Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
Café Revive, Elgin

WED, OCT 24 7:30 PM – Ellementa San Diego: Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
Hera Hub San Diego Mission Valley, San Diego

THU, OCT 25 6:00 PM – Ellementa Long Beach : Women, Cannabis & Pain Management for Cancer
Bevel, Long Beach

THU, OCT 25 6:30 PM – Ellementa Oakland : Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
Neyborly – Southwest Berkeley, Berkley

THU, OCT 25 6:30 PM – Ellementa Denver: Women, Cannabis & Chronic Pain
Nuvolution, Denver

THU, OCT 25 7:00 PM – Ellementa Anchorage: Cannabis & Women’s Wellbeing
The Look, Anchorage

SAT, OCT 27 4:00 PM – Ellementa Venice Beach : Women, Cannabis & Healing from Cancer Holistically
Lit Yoga Studio


Learn more about women and cannabis throughout history…

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