Women Wednesday: Andrea Meharg, Founder of Reveal Cannabis

Each Wednesday, meet a new woman changing the landscape of the cannabis industry.

Andrea Meharg, founder of Reveal Cannabis, is a cannabis educator. Through online instruction, via YouTube, her newsletter, and social media, she teaches people “how they can use cannabis to start feeling happier and healthier.”

At Ellementa’s sister site, Her Canna Life, we interviewed Andrea about her transition from teaching elementary school to teaching cannabis. Below is a preview of our conversation:

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

Three years ago, I had a breakdown. I was trying to be the best school teacher, mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc., and I couldn’t keep all the proverbial balls up in the air. I sunk into a deep depression and couldn’t get out of bed, never mind mother my kids, go to work or be a partner to my husband. It was the darkest time of my life. After months of trying everything from prescription medication to therapy to meditation with no results, a friend gave me a baggie of cannabis and said she thought it might help. It did. For the first time in months, I laughed. I’d forgotten what it was like to feel that good. Fast forward through several months of trial-and-error with strains, doses, and ingestion methods and I was able to get back to my life and actually thrive. I decided that someone needed to start showing others about the fascinating world of cannabis…that person is now me! I started Reveal Cannabis with the goal of educating the world about the benefits of this healing plant.

What is your Superpower?

As a trained teacher, I’m excellent at taking a huge subject matter and making it accessible to students. That skill has transferred over so well to cannabis education because there is so much to learn, and a lot of it is quite complicated. I love combing through the research, books, and articles and making sense of it all.


Meet Andrea at Ellementa Gatherings she leads in London, Ontario.

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