HerCannaLife: Sirita Wright, Estrohaze

Women come to cannabis for a myriad of reasons. Telling our stories is essential to help eliminate the stigma around cannabis that prevents women from getting access to the information – and products and services – they want or need. We’re partnering with HerCannaLife.com to bring you women’s stories about their personal cannabis journeys. 

Meet Sirita Wright of Estrohaze

Excerpted from HerCannaLife.com

Describe yourself and what you do.

This is such a hard question. I often shy away from describing myself and let other people do it so I don’t come across as too “self-serving.”

All jokes aside, I am an entrepreneur. A true creative at heart, I majored in Fashion Merchandising in college because I loved fashion and always endeavored to work in fields that I enjoyed, never stunting too much about the salary as I believe money always follows passionate and talented individuals.

To break it down further, I am an actress and a social media marketer as well as the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of EstroHaze; a cannabis media company and community plugging multicultural women to the business and lifestyle opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Safon Floyd, Kali Wilder and Sirita Wright

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

My move in the early 2000’s to NYC set me on a path to getting to know myself and being okay with me. I was having a rough few years. My car was always in and out of the shop, right after I paid it off, I swear. The recession had tripped me up financially, and I was just getting out of a rocky relationship.

During this time, I began extensively working on myself. I had lost faith in everything and very reluctantly “let go and let God” as the saying goes. I really wanted to BE a better me.

I began interning at a yoga studio and doing hot yoga two to three times per week. I was reading books like The Seat of The SoulPurpose Driven LifeLove Poems from God and the Bible, all with a joint in hand, everyday.

I was acting in local plays and working odd jobs, but I was at peace. Between the books, yoga and pastors like TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer and the Cannabis, I was on an eye-opening spiritual journey.

Cannabis opened my spirit to another world. It enhanced my thinking, and I was getting the wisdom I needed to make my next moves.

There is something to pot and prayer – this might be a series on EstroHaze.com one day.

What is your Superpower?

Doin’ me and being OK with it!

Being myself has opened up doors that were otherwise shut to me. These doors would have remained shut if I hadn’t got to know myself. It took years for me to get to that place, and I just take it day by day. Because we all have insecurities. but I know I am stronger than them.

Before I was born, I was powerful, and sometimes you need to remind yourself of that. There is a bigger reason I am here and building EstroHaze with women who are my friends and business partners. We have spent over four months living together, building the foundation for our business, the first part of our legacies – collectively and individually.

When our powers combined, it set off a new chain of cosmic events that have yet to truly shift the cannabis ecosystem. When I think about the fact that we all worked together at another company – just baking for this shared experience – it blows my mind.

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