Help Us Grow Ellementa to Bring Cannabis Wellness to Women

There never seems to be a right time to launch a crowdfunding campaign when there are so many terrible things happening in the world.

We’ve started and stopped our campaign with each natural disaster that has brought devastation. We started and stopped our campaign with the horrific events that took place in Las Vegas.

But we’ve come to realize that there will be something terrible happening in the world every day. Yet life continues and business continues even as we mourn. Everyone else keeps going.

So we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign again today. Here’s why we’re crowdfunding.

Ellementa is growing.

Our growth is, in part, thanks to the support of women like you who realize that cannabis is not the big, scary “gateway drug” we’ve been led to believe over the years.

Women like you who are open to alternative medicine and want to know more about cannabis as a medicinal plant for healing, wellness and overall wellbeing.

Women like you who are looking for relief – for yourself and your loved ones – from pain, anxiety, nausea, and more.

Ellementa is run by women, for women.

As women with a startup, we have a vision: We’re looking to expand into more cities – in both legal and “non-legal” states – to reach more women with better information about cannabis.

We want to reach women from all backgrounds and with all levels of experience with cannabis to bring them together in face-to-face Gatherings in communities across the country.




We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on to expand Ellementa’s reach.

Please help us grow Ellementa.

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What’s an Ellementa Gathering?

Ellementa Gatherings are regular local meet ups where women come together in person to speak openly about cannabis for health and wellness. We address women as the epicenter of care and create content and communities to address our multi-faceted lives.

Women are nurturers, healers, caregivers. We make most of the healthcare decisions and purchases for our families. We care for our children, our partners, our aging parents. We care for our communities.

Ellementa Gatherings bring like-minded women together to learn and share.

Why Ellementa?

We’ve all been fed so much misinformation over the years about cannabis.

There is still fear and stigma around cannabis. Ellementa is the only national network that is working to bring highly relevant, vetted information about cannabis for health and wellness in a way that fits our busy and complex lives as women.

We create welcoming spaces online and off for women to learn from one another and from experts. We are laser focused on bringing quality information about cannabis wellness to women. Ellementa gives women access to the information and resources that they can’t find anywhere else and guides them to the reliable content, companies, and organizations out there that they can trust.

Ellementa connects women to better information about cannabis.

How Can You Help?

We’re raising our first seed round for Ellementa to expand to 10 more cities in the next six months. On our own, we’ve bootstrapped the launch of FIVE cities with Gatherings now happening regularly in Anchorage, Chicago, Denver, Portland and Seattle.

We partner with women in local communities to help organize Gatherings and partner with companies and organizations to support these educational and inspirational events.

But we still need additional funds to cover the costs of launching and marketing each new city to reach more women.

Please help us grow Ellementa.

Your contribution – no matter how big or how small – can help bring Ellementa Gatherings to YOUR city and to more women in need of better information about cannabis for health and wellness.

Thank you for your support.

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