Would You like to bring Ellementa Gatherings to your city?

Ellementa Gatherings

Ellementa is the world’s fastest-growing cannabis wellness network for women.

Ellementa Gatherings are opportunities for women to come together face-to-face to share their stories and experiences with cannabis and CBD, learn from experts in the field, and discover products and services that can help them on their health and wellness journeys.

Would you like to bring a monthly Ellementa Gathering to your city? Please tell us more about who you are and where you’d like to host Ellementa Gatherings!

The Ellementa Leader

The Ellementa Leader is a woman who is passionate about helping other women. Here are some other qualities:

  • You are organized, enthusiastic, a real go-getter.
  • You want to align with a company with an ethos of honesty, inclusion, and positive connection.
  • You love planning things and bringing women together for community and information exchange plus you love meeting new people.
  • You are comfortable speaking in front of an audience.
  • You may or may not have personal or professional experiences with cannabis, but are open to learning.
  • You have a strong professional and personal network you can invite to be a part of your Gatherings.

You DO NOT have to be a cannabis consumer to be an Organizer. You DO need to believe in the value of cannabis as a medicinal plant and want to dispel the myths and counter the prohibition propaganda.

If bringing women together to speak openly and honestly about cannabis and to provide women with more relevant and quality information about cannabis appeals to you, then you’re in the right place!