Some of the elements in cannabis include Cannabinoids as well as Terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring elements found in not only cannabis but a variety of plants including conifers. Terpenes are also produced by some insects like the swallowtail butterfly.

In cannabis, terpenes can contribute to the effects you feel and overall sensory experiences – including smell and taste – when consumed. As you sample different strains of cannabis, you’ll begin to detect distinct aroma and flavor profiles -similar to what you might find in wines.

Some common terpenes found in cannabis – and other plants – include

ALPHA- and BETA-PINENE – also found in rosemary, pine needles, dill and basil.

PROMOTES: alertness and memory retention. TOPICALLY: antisceptic.
INTERNALLY: relieves symptoms of asthma

LIMONENE – Also found in juniper, peppermint, rosemary and the rinds of citrus fruits

PROMOTES: stress relief and mood elevation TOPICALLY: antifungal and anti-bacterial
INTERNALLY: treats gastrointestinal issues, heartburn, and depression.

LINALOOL –found in lavender.

SMELL: floral or citrus
PROMOTES: anxiety relief with a sedative quality.
INTERNALLY: anti-convulsant and anti-depressant

Cannabis contains over 100 different Terpenes and each cannabis strain contains different percentages of particular terpenes. When purchasing legal cannabis, ask for the testing results of the product you are considering, particularly the breakdown and percentages of terpenes.

Here’s a handy graphic from Leafly that shows terpenes contained in cannabis and their potential benefits.

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