REVIEW: DaVinci MicroQ Portable Pleasure

We previously reviewed the DaVinci IQ, a sleek, loose flower vaporizer that offered precise temperature control options and pure, nuanced taste. This time, we tried the DaVinci MicroQ.

When we received the DaVinci MicroQ flower vaporizer, the first thing we checked was how did it fit and feel in our hand? The short answer? Perfect! The MicroQ is a smaller version of the IQ so it is comfortable, solid, and discreet for a smaller hand. You still get the full temperature spectrum feature for a more precise vaping experience as well as their smart paths to get you to ideal temperatures for warming, but not combusting, your dried plant material.

Get the MIQRO Vaporizer From DaVinci

To test the portability of the MicroQ, we brought it to a yoga retreat on private land in a redwood forest. We received a delivery from the woman-owned delivery service, SAVA, before heading out to the great outdoors.

Once we settled into our campsite, we went through the calming ritual of opening our jar of cannabis flower, smelling it (an indica-dominant hybrid called Pineapple Tonic), then grinding it slowly and deliberately in our new Ellementa grinder. For us, the ritual of preparing cannabis for mindful consumption sets the tone for the overall experience.

As per instructions from DaVinci, we ground the dried herb in a medium-corse texture then loaded the bowl firmly but without overpacking it for an even, thorough warming and easy, steady draw.

Per DaVinci’s website, we had several smart paths to choose from:

Smart Path 1 | “HIGH-NOON”
(350°F / 176°C – 370°F / 188°C)

Activation of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – Delta 8) leading to medium euphoric experience and enlightened consciousness.

Smart Path 2 | “SUNSET”
(370°F / 188°C – 390°F / 198°C)

Activation of CBD (cannabidiol) for anti-insomnia, appetite stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties.

Smart Path 3 | “MOONLIGHT”
(390°F / 198°C – 410°F / 210°C)

Activation of CBN (Cannabinol) for a full body effect and a highly relaxed state.

Smart Path 4 | “SANDMAN”
(410°F / 210°C – 430°F / 221°C)

Activation of terpenes including humulene that trigger sedative properties and a couch-lock experience.

Clearly, your overall experience is based on the flower you consume, whether it is a sativa- or indica-dominant strain, and even your environment. When we were ready to try to MicroQ, we were sitting by a campfire in a redwood forest at the end of our evening so chose “Smart Path 3: MOONLIGHT” to ease into a good night’s sleep in an adirondack under the trees and stars.

Get the MIQRO Vaporizer From DaVinci

The next day, we tried “Smart Path 1: High-Noon” for a daytime boost of bliss. We also had a few other retreat attendees stop by so we passed around the MicroQ to show it off and share.

Check out the following graphic from DaVinci illustrating boiling points of different cannabinoids and terpenes that you can release either through Smart Paths or through their precise temperature controls.

The DaVinci MicroQ, like their other products, comes with helpful instruction booklets, but for those of us who don’t like to read instructions, they put brief steps on how to use it on the device itself.

Even without the instructions, the MicroQ is easy to use: just load, turn it on, and draw on the mouthpiece opening. Sure, you can get fancy and precise with all of its features, but you can also enjoy a smooth, flavorful inhale right away, anywhere.

Get the MIQRO Vaporizer From DaVinci