REVIEW: LucidMood Disposable THC/CBD Vape Pens

Elevate your mood without clouding your mind.

Reviewed by Ashley Kingsley, co-founder of Ellementa.

I wasn’t always into cannabis. I smoked pot in college, but lost interest after it left me feeling anxious and paranoid. I was eager to try something that would help my chronic pain but wouldn’t leave me stoned and unable to function. At one point, I shared with friends that I needed to get out of the wine bottle and become a “stoner.” Some laughed, but I wasn’t joking. I truly wanted to understand why so many people had such a love affair with cannabis.

I clearly remember the day I found a product called LucidMood. I was exploring a dispensary when I saw a beautiful brochure on a table cluttered with event posters and product information. I sat down and read the brochure all the way through. Right away, I knew LucidMood was unlike any product or brand I had seen in the cannabis space. Their marketing materials were educational, feminine, and used language I actually understood.

LucidMood produces disposable vape pens with a balance of 40% THC, 40% CBD and 20% Terpenes that produce clear, sociable, and functional experiences for the consumer – perfect for a mom and businesswoman like myself. The company producing LucidMood broke onto the cannabis scene in Colorado with curated consumption experiences. They coined the term “sips” to mean taking small, controlled inhales through a vape pen.

I purchased one of their disposable vape pens on the spot. I took the portable pen from the packaging, and off I went into Bliss land. LucidMood stole my heart from the first inhale.

Bliss contains botanical extracts found in clove, adding a bit of spice to your day…

The ease of using the LucidMood product won me over, and I was pleased to find hints of spice with each inhale. I noticed my mood lifted almost immediately. The best part of my first LucidMood experience? I felt good but didn’t feel high.

My goal as a cannabis consumer is to feel good and be pain free without getting high, so LucidMood was exactly what I had been looking for and didn’t even know it.

My first LucidMood purchase was the beginning of my committed cannabis journey. LucidMood opened the door to new possibilities around my health and wellness.

When I tried their pen called FOCUS for the first time, I hung on for a worst case scenario: I was certain it would spark my anxiety. I took a “sip” and was left feeling motivated and centered. I did not feel high or stoned. I felt fantastic.

After that positive experience, I amassed a collection of LucidMood pens and now carry them with me wherever I go. PARTY, CALM, RELAX, and CHILL are always in my purse, and I sip on one of them before social events or exercising. I keep SLEEP and RELIEF in my nightstand drawer to sip on before bed to ensure that I fall and stay sleep.

Over the course of the last year, I find I’m feeling lifted. I truly believe LucidMood has been a miracle to relieve my depression, pain and anxiety. Their pens are portable, discreet and durable. My only complaint is the packaging waste, and I look forward to seeing the company create more sustainable options.

LucidMood is available in Colorado and has just entered California. LucidMood pens retail between $24-$38 (in Colorado) depending on where you purchase it. They really do live up to their claim: “Our perfect balance of THC and CBD delivers a clear, sociable, and functional high.”

Have you tried one of LucidMood’s vape pens? We’d love to know what you think!

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  1. Tammie says:

    I have one have only smoked on it for a day and now nothing .I can see oil in there still but the light at the bottom of the pan just blinks.. what do I do?

  2. Ashley says:

    Hey Tammie,

    Did the pen begin to work for you? It sounds like you may need to contact to ensure you are taken care of. We love them!

  3. Leo Rowland says:

    i stopped smoking a long time ago because my Doc said my lungs were getting bad. i started smoking when i was 14 and stopped at around 50. i am 76 now. and lucid seemed perfect for me as i get a little high and it dose’nt seem to harm me, i hope.

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