Ellementa Portland Women’s Cannabis Gathering

Twenty-five women turned up at Tillamook Station, a cannabis-friendly event space owned by Yvonne and Nate Emerson, on a warm fall evening for the second Ellementa gathering in Portland, Oregon. A warm breeze was flowing in through the large, open garage style doors as the women gathered in a circle of chairs to have a candid conversation about women’s health and the powerful medicine of cannabis.

Meg Worden, health coach, opened the floor with introductions and information on the mission of Ellementa: to provide women with the information, resources, and community to explore cannabis for wellness. She shared her personal mission to uplift the medicine for the health of women, our changing culture, and a more equitable justice system, citing her own experiences in it as an inmate, an activist, and a mentor.

After introductions, Meg turned the floor to the sponsors, first sharing her experience and love of Cascadia Herbals wellness tinctures (owned by Frea and Dave Wolfe).

Next, Mel Suchowolec of Serra share the inclusive and expansive ethos of the brand’s dispensaries and products.

Then Jill Trinchero, of She Don’t Know snacks, gave everyone the lowdown on her delicious brand of vegan, gluten free, low-dose edibles. She shared information about her new line of herbal crackers and her upcoming dog treats.

“It’s so thrilling to be present during a time when there’s so much innovation in the field of health and wellness,” said Meg. “We are so lucky to have access to such great businesses that really care about supporting the needs of women.”

Jenn Lauder from Splimm, the world’s first pot and parenting magazine and media company, took the floor to engage everyone in a fascinating and important conversation about what it means to be a mother who chooses to consume cannabis, and how challenging it is for folks in our current climate of misinformation about cannabis to fully accept this medicine as safe and as a product that can help families connect and engage without harm. Jenn shared her story and her mission with Splimm to help re-educate families and remove the stigmas that reduce access to help for so many.

Jenn opened the floor to answer questions about how to talk to children about cannabis with honesty and integrity and invited women to share their personal experiences. It was incredibly heartwarming –  and clear –  that we were in a special space when women started, one by one, opening up about their own experiences with using cannabis for everything from morning sickness to postpartum depression to being a more engaged mother.

We also heard from several women on the differences being a woman of color makes in terms of the judgment from doctors and people in general about their cannabis use. Such an important topic for everyone to remember. The racist roots of prohibition are still echoing in the current system and affecting the experiences of women and their ability to be open about the medicine that heals them and their families.

The conversation was a reminder of the importance of speaking out and of supporting groups, like Ellementa, that aim to create safe spaces for women to heal from the long term harm prohibition has caused.

It’s profound what happens when women gather around the intention of a healthier, more liberated and loving planet.

The evening closed with Meg thanking everyone dearly for their contribution, encouraging guests to support the wonderful sponsors that make Ellementa gatherings possible, and inviting women to connect with sponsors and their high quality products.

The room became animated, full of grins and women connecting with each other around the room, further sharing stories, sharing contact information. The vibe was high and happy, also deeply grateful and inspired.

It’s a testament to the mission of Ellementa to see women who didn’t arrive together leave into the night in little groups, as new friends and co-collaborators of the community, armed with new information and ideas to strengthen us all.

Jill Trinchero, She Don’t Know

EDITOR’S NOTE – Reiterating the Thanks:

Thank you to our Sponsors: Serra, Cascadia Herbals, She Don’t Know, and Splimm.
Thank you to our speaker, Jenn Lauder.
Thank you to Tillamook Station for hosting us.
And to Meg Worden for guiding a beautiful event.
Also thanks to Rachael Rice and p.u.s.s.y.w.e.e.d. for the art.

Help Us Grow Ellementa to Bring Cannabis Wellness to Women

There never seems to be a right time to launch a crowdfunding campaign when there are so many terrible things happening in the world.

We’ve started and stopped our campaign with each natural disaster that has brought devastation. We started and stopped our campaign with the horrific events that took place in Las Vegas.

But we’ve come to realize that there will be something terrible happening in the world every day. Yet life continues and business continues even as we mourn. Everyone else keeps going.

So we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign again today. Here’s why we’re crowdfunding.

Ellementa is growing.

Our growth is, in part, thanks to the support of women like you who realize that cannabis is not the big, scary “gateway drug” we’ve been led to believe over the years.

Women like you who are open to alternative medicine and want to know more about cannabis as a medicinal plant for healing, wellness and overall wellbeing.

Women like you who are looking for relief – for yourself and your loved ones – from pain, anxiety, nausea, and more.

Ellementa is run by women, for women.

As women with a startup, we have a vision: We’re looking to expand into more cities – in both legal and “non-legal” states – to reach more women with better information about cannabis.

We want to reach women from all backgrounds and with all levels of experience with cannabis to bring them together in face-to-face Gatherings in communities across the country.




We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on to expand Ellementa’s reach.

Please help us grow Ellementa.

photo credit: Allied Steel Buildings

What’s an Ellementa Gathering?

Ellementa Gatherings are regular local meet ups where women come together in person to speak openly about cannabis for health and wellness. We address women as the epicenter of care and create content and communities to address our multi-faceted lives.

Women are nurturers, healers, caregivers. We make most of the healthcare decisions and purchases for our families. We care for our children, our partners, our aging parents. We care for our communities.

Ellementa Gatherings bring like-minded women together to learn and share.

Why Ellementa?

We’ve all been fed so much misinformation over the years about cannabis.

There is still fear and stigma around cannabis. Ellementa is the only national network that is working to bring highly relevant, vetted information about cannabis for health and wellness in a way that fits our busy and complex lives as women.

We create welcoming spaces online and off for women to learn from one another and from experts. We are laser focused on bringing quality information about cannabis wellness to women. Ellementa gives women access to the information and resources that they can’t find anywhere else and guides them to the reliable content, companies, and organizations out there that they can trust.

Ellementa connects women to better information about cannabis.

How Can You Help?

We’re raising our first seed round for Ellementa to expand to 10 more cities in the next six months. On our own, we’ve bootstrapped the launch of FIVE cities with Gatherings now happening regularly in Anchorage, Chicago, Denver, Portland and Seattle.

We partner with women in local communities to help organize Gatherings and partner with companies and organizations to support these educational and inspirational events.

But we still need additional funds to cover the costs of launching and marketing each new city to reach more women.

Please help us grow Ellementa.

Your contribution – no matter how big or how small – can help bring Ellementa Gatherings to YOUR city and to more women in need of better information about cannabis for health and wellness.

Thank you for your support.

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Review: Treat Yourself Vegan Tartlettes

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: We love featuring high quality, well-vetted THC or CBD products, but we especially like featuring women-owned companies, Treat Yourself! Here’s what one of our product reviewers, Carrie, has to say about their vegan tartlettes. 

I was one of “those kids” who didn’t get to eat sugared cereal, corn chips, or toaster pastries. When I discovered those foods in my teenage years, I was delighted at all the naughty options.

Since then, I’ve laid off the Pop Tarts. But now, along comes an alternative: Treat Yourself Mini Pop Tartlettes.

Each product comes in a beautiful package that leads with: “Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Refined Sugar Free.” Each package is hand-tied with delicate rope and looks like something a crafter like me would come up with. I loved handling the packaging and untying the bow to uncover my healthy, cannabis-rich tartlettes!

I tried two variations:

Cherry Almond – 13 mg CBD:5 mg THC

Strawberry Rose – 10 mg CBD:10 mg THC

These tarlettes have no preservatives in them, so it’s advisable to keep them fresh by storing them in the freezer. I let my pastries come to room temperature before eating them, but I think in a dash I could have had them frozen like Thin Mints. At room temperature, the texture was a bit chewy, so I tried warming the next one up. Perfection!

I was excited to find the tartlettes were healthier and better tasting than typical toaster pastries, and the effects of the products themselves hadn’t even kicked in yet! The fruit in the middle rivaled anything I could get at a San Francisco Farmer’s Market.

Treat Yourself’s label on their tartlettes revealed more:

“A healthy twist on an old classic, we’ve created a chia seed dough and filled it with goodness. Great for menstrual cramps, relaxation and inflammation.”

Finally, a product made by women for women – without stereotypical pink or purple packaging!

While I’m beyond needing products for menstrual cramps (Hallelujah), I did use the product for lower back cramping. I found that about an hour after eating my pastry, my back muscles started to disengage and my body relaxed. Given how painful my menstrual cramps used to be, I could imagine how this product would address that kind of cramping as well.

I am looking forward to trying their other nutrient-packed products including their PALEO coconut banana bread (40 mg CBD:15 mg THC) and their topical whipped body butter (a jasmine-vanilla blend).

Editor’s Note: So are we!

Learn more about the founders of Treat Yourself, Inc. on Her Canna Life.

OUR REVIEWER: Carrie Rice is a nonprofit consultant living out her hippie dreams in San Francisco. In addition to her passion for bringing cannabis health education to women, she has a passion for bringing empathy to nonprofit management.

Arcane Revelry Sumptuous Cannabis Event

Regardless of your level of experience with cannabis, there are events in legal states where you can sample and consume. Meg Worden, one of our writers and the organizer for Ellementa Portland, recently went to the event Arcane Revelry (featured photo is founder Crystal Feldman). Here’s what Meg found…

I was delighted to be invited to cover the Arcane Revelry event in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Crystal Feldman, Diana Eberlein and Benjamin Ariff, the event site states its mission is “to bring together community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers that all share a love of cannabis culture and high-spirited social engagement.”

The invitation promised a four-course farm-to-table meal, speakers, a good cause, and the consumption of gorgeous, fully-organic, cannabis flowers. The event took place in a funky downtown warehouse used for filming the Portlandia series, a warehouse aptly called “Studio 13.” I was all in.

There are still laws that limit public consumption in Oregon, so these events remain invitation-only. You can get added to the invitation list at their website. This event was BYOB, so I stopped at the Whole Foods Market for a cold bottle of Rosé for the table before heading across the street to a wide green door, already open.

A huge cannabis leaf and flower bouquet made it obvious I was in the right place.

I walked into a crowd of adults, far more hotelier than hot-box, already gathering around a foyer full of medicated and unmedicated products geared towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. As is usually the case in events like these, there were smiles all around.

Fresh cut bouquets of flowers and cherry tomatoes from Willow Bar Farm sat next to sweet and savory snacks from women-owned Lucky Rabbit Snacks — OMG, the Curry Miso Matcha snacks were so good — next to High Desert Pure Craft Co2 Concentrates, and unbelievably divine medicated honey brands Hive Honey (honey sticks), and Lift. The largest table featured the event’s cannabis partner Cannassentials Organic Cannabis Farm. Clear glass jars were available showcasing their different strains of cannabis flowers to open and sample with either a pipe or bong.

I sampled a beautiful, crystallized sativa while chatting with the farmers enthusiastically shared the successes of this fully-natural farm in Eugene, Oregon.

In the main studio, eight banquet tables were set with white linens, gorgeous herbal and floral cannabis bouquets. There was a fresh leaf placed over every menu card and etched silver trays that held little bowls of cannabis flowers, a glass pipe, a lighter, and a couple of pre-rolled joints. On the side of the room, Chef Chris Bailey plated golden piles of Lucky Rabbit Snacks’ kimchi underneath a suspension bridge where DJ Kevin Davis spun down tempo beats in a slick of green light.

At the head of the room, several lounge chairs and a modern leather sofa framed a table with more jars full of cannabis and an LED-lit ice sculpture, fully carved and outfitted as a pipe, which, naturally, held the attention of a small group of revelers. The air was gently perfumed with the sweet and pungent smell of cannabis smoke, one of the most relaxing smells on earth. Right up there with line-dried sheets for me.

I felt myself drifting into a bit of a haze, a feeling of contentedness, of connection.

Connection. This is important.

Gatherings like the Arcane Revelry dinners, with a focus on cannabis as a medicinal plant with multitudes of healing properties versus the aspect of intoxication, are facilitating these very powerful opportunities and conversations. I get all goose bumped and grateful to be a part of it.

Crystal took the mic and welcomed everyone to dinner by introducing the farm, the chef, and giving us the strain names of the flowers on our table’s little trays: Orange Haze, Sour Diesel, and Purple Oregon Gorilla. I lit one of the Sour Diesel pre-rolled joints and passed it to the woman to my right, one of the delightful owners and organic vegetable growers from Cannassentials.

Like a dream, the smoke moved through my body, relaxing my muscles, settling into me with a bright serenity. The colors got a little brighter, the music a little more nuanced, more in harmony with my own body rhythms, and the faces around me more friendly. I imagine if you had a Kirlian camera, I would have looked like a sparkler.

Watermelon Jicama kimchi was followed by red fruit gazpacho with cucumber toast, fresh ricotta, and Oregon olive oil served on stylish, yet sustainable plates made of from palm fronds. Deep reds and greens were delivered in fresh organic glory, carefully flavored to enhance the ripe produce, adding a surprising twist.

Later, when I was able to speak to Chef Chris, he said he most enjoys creating foods that provoke while nourishing. I’d say that was definitely my experience, and judging from the satisfied faces and empty plates on the tables, I wasn’t alone.

As a professional holistic health coach, the pleasure and power of plant-based meals that uplift and embody the vibrancy of unprocessed eating are a salient part of a vibrant system. The ancient Hippocrates quote comes to mind. “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.”

The farm family at the table commented between bites on the different elements that they had grown and delivered to the dinner, a luxurious loop of farm-to-table food and farmer-to-folks conversation. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to the passion these people have for the planet and sustainable growth culture while eating my next luscious course of summer vegetable ceviche, apricot leche de tigre with radish sprouts. Oh my God, you guys.

Between courses, I reconnected with Crystal and Diana at the ice bong to check-in. Their enthusiasm for their event is evident, but so is the passion they have for the deeper mission of Arcane Revelry, a mission to return people to each other, to a more harmonious state of wellness by gathering together over powerful food, medicine, music, and ideas. I was wildly inspired as Diana packed the bowl of the ice pipe.

Smoking out of ice feels so smooth and cool, almost as if it’s not smoke at all, just pure flavor. Earlier, at the table, the farmers had been trying to explain cannabis tasting to me. I’m not yet familiar with the components, but what I tried tasted really good, bright and fully noted with fruit and spice flavors. More importantly, to me anyway, I was extremely relaxed and engaged as the organization’s sponsors and stakeholders took the stage.

Arcane Revelry partners with, and raises funds for, the Cannabis Certification Council. According to their website, the CCC is a non-profit standard-holding body that offers a national third-party certification program and seal. The organization’s mission is to promote organic cultivation methods, empower fair labor practices, and provide consumer education and choice in the cannabis industry.

Earth Law spoke about the scope of current cannabis law, and the Cannassentials farmers filled us in on their boss-level organic methods and full scope closed loop farm future. They are making an effort to produce everything they use, which is an impressive feat in a modern world, especially in cannabis, where the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and energy-sucking grow houses is prevalent.

The last two courses were chickpea panisse, sautéed greens, aquafaba remoulade with roasted garlic, and then a dessert of boozy stone fruit (SO boozy!), white chocolate crémeux, and cake crumbles. The focus on plant-based nutrition for an event like this feels so in alignment with the magic of cannabis. There is such a need to de-stigmatize, decolonize, and return cannabis to its role as herbal food and medicine, so when paired in this way, we get to have a kinesthetic experience of that connection.

We all know that cannabis and food have a long love affair. The prevailing narrative that the only food that pairs with weed is pizza and candy isn’t the whole story.

The effects of cannabis elevate the mind and help us recognize and remember what is so fantastic about our inclusion in the natural world. Eating things that are healthy for body, soul, and planet becomes that much more enjoyable, craveable even.

As dinner came to an end, people got up from tables to mingle, to reconnect with some of the sponsors and vendors to thank them, to learn, and to exchange information before drifting back out of the wide studio doors. As I gathered my things, including three of the table bouquets (there’s an art project coming with those fantastic leaves), I knew I’d been part of something special, something safe and hopeful, something that is even bigger than this one organization or event. Something nothing less than a revolution, a movement towards an elevated definition of being whole, healthy, and fully realized humans on a fertile, thriving planet.

Review: The Green Cacao Company Chocolate Bars

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: We love featuring high quality, well-vetted THC or CBD products, but we especially like featuring women-owned companies, like this one! Here’s what one of our product reviewers, Carrie, has to say about The Green Cacao Company’s products.

When I think of cannabis edibles, the last thing I’m thinking about is the taste. Sure, I don’t like products that taste like bong water, but that’s about it. While medical cannabis can be good and helpful, most edibles candy bars are full of junk. For me, it’s a matter of taking an edible for the effects, not for the overall health factor of the product.

When I got the opportunity to try all four raw and superfood rich chocolate medical cannabis bars from The Green Cacao Company, I hoped they would be decent-tasting as well as provide positive effects.

The Green Cacao Company offers four products to choose from:

  1. Sativa 15 mg THC per section
  2. Indica 15 mg THC per section
  3. CBD Rich10 mg CBD and 10 mg THC per section
  4. CBD Xtra Rich 15 mg CBD and 1.1 mg THC per section

I was thrilled to read on their discreetly packaged products that each product contained “organic & raw ingredients” and “botanical super foods” with “no agave, cane, dairy, gluten.” The products also have a low glucose indicator. The attractive brown cardboard packages are simple,  well-designed and recyclable. Inside, the four doses are stored in a compostable cellulose packaging with a small instruction sheet that describes each variety.

I’ve never had raw chocolate, so I was excited to find out how it differs in quality and taste from standard cannabis candy bar chocolate – or even a Snickers bar.

According to Green Cacao, raw chocolate maintains its molecular and chemical structures which maintains its wellness properties.

Unlike a typical Snickers, Green Cacao’s chocolates contain super food ingredients in each bar in addition to the raw cacao such as chicory prebiotics and raw maca. Instead of conventional sugar or “franken-sweeters,” the bars are sweetened with only goji berry and xylitol. For the record, xylitol is a LowGI (low glycemic index) sweetener sourced from USA-grown, GMO-free Birch trees. Ultimately, the bars are nutrient-dense food, not candy.

In terms of the cannabis and its effects, The Green Cacao Company only uses whole plant cannabis, grown organically outdoors. Each formulation has different effects. The sativa and indica strains are THC only, while the other products are a balance of CBD and THC.

For relief from depression and for increased focus, I found the sativa product to be ideal. For keeping anxiety and stress in check and dealing with insomnia, the indica was the winner. And for chronic back pain relief, the CBD/THC hybrids were perfect.

For myself, I find that the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio in the CBD Rich chocolates is ideal for pain. If you are worried about the psychotropic effects of THC, I would suggest the CBD Xtra Rich, which is almost exclusively CBD.

Overall, I enjoyed this product! It was rich and creamy with a deeper flavor, like coffee. I also enjoyed the texture. Plus, a little bit went a long way!

For more information, visit

Have a product that you’d like us to review? We have reviewers with medical cards where required. Get in touch!

Photo credit: Matt Jepson

OUR REVIEWER: Carrie Rice is a nonprofit consultant living out her hippie dreams in San Francisco. In addition to her passion for bringing cannabis health education to women, she has a passion for bringing empathy to nonprofit management.

Cannabis and Sex: Meet Ashley Manta, CannaSexual

Professional sex educator, writer, coach, and facilitator, Ashley Manta is a woman on a mission: to help people mindfully combine cannabis and sex.

As The CannaSexual® sex educator and coach, Ashley hosts workshops, speaks to groups, and offers individual coaching on cannabis and sex. She answered some of our questions about how cannabis can play a role in a healthy and happy sex life.

ELLEMENTA: To get started, we’re curious about how you wound up being an expert at the intersection of cannabis and sex. Of all the potential benefits of using cannabis, we’re not sure a better sex life is the first thing that occurs to us when we think of “cannabis wellness.” Could you tell us a little bit about how CannaSexual came to be?

ASHLEY: CannaSexual was the product of a few things coming together simultaneously. I grew up on the East Coast, and I’ve been doing sexuality education since 2007. My focus was originally on sexual violence prevention and awareness and healing trauma – I worked as a rape crisis counselor, victim advocate, and mental health crisis worker –  then shifted to sexual health, pleasure, and body confidence.

In 2013, I moved to Los Angeles and started working full time as a sexuality professional, first as a phone sex operator, then at a pleasure products retailer, and finally going into business for myself in the summer of 2015. Moving to California also meant access to cannabis, so I got my medical card right away and started visiting dispensaries.

Two things quickly became clear to me: First, most budtenders don’t know how to talk to their patients about sex, and second, most sex educators don’t know how to talk to their students/clients about cannabis. I found my niche!

I vowed to learn as much as I could about cannabis and use that knowledge to help people combine sex and cannabis mindfully in their own lives, and to share my knowledge with cannabis professionals and sexuality professionals so that they could have these conversations with their respective audiences.

On a more personal note, as a trauma survivor, I found that cannabis had a powerfully positive impact on my sex life. After I had a pretty hardcore PTSD resurgence in March of 2015, cannabis helped me with my panic attacks and constant anxiety and allowed me to get into my body and enjoy pleasure again during a time of pretty severe sexual despondency. I saw that there were a myriad of ways that cannabis and sex could be combined, and I made it my mission to find and explicate them.

ELLEMENTA: When you work with clients, what do they tend to find most surprising about the combination of cannabis and sex?

The thing my clients tend to find most surprising about combining sex and cannabis is that using cannabis does not have to mean getting high. There are multiple non-psychoactive methods of consumption and many options for products to consume, but most people are unfamiliar with them.

A lot of pushback I receive from folks about sex and cannabis involves something along the lines of “I don’t like the feeling of being high” or “I have kids and I can’t commit to being high for three hours” — both understandable concerns that can be assuaged when I explain that topicals, bath soaks, and CBD products are excellent ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

I always encourage folks to think outside the stereotype – using cannabis doesn’t have to mean taking massive bong rips or eating that brownie that your friend made that left you high for 12 hours.

ELLEMENTA: It seems like there’s also a role for cannabis in body positivity/confidence when it comes to sex. Could you talk a little bit about that?

I find that cannabis has a profoundly positive impact on the way that I feel about my body. I’m less likely to get caught in the nonstop “you’re not pretty/flexible/etc. enough” stories in my head when I’ve used cannabis to quiet those voices.

I also use cannabis intentionally to help me reframe those types of limiting beliefs that encourage me to hate my body. I will choose a cannabis product that’s going to help me relax and make my body feel good then do an exercise where I look in the mirror and say neutral or nice things about my body. Or I’ll do a gratitude journal about all of the ways I’m thankful for my body.

The idea here is not to get so stoned that you “forget” the things you dislike about your body. This is about mindfully choosing cannabinoid and terpene profiles that will augment the positive changes that you’re setting in motion.

ELLEMENTA: What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about cannabis, or sex, or cannabis and sex together? If there were one idea you could plant in everyone’s head, what would it be?

My golden rules of sex and cannabis are “negotiate before you medicate” and “try it on your own first.” Negotiating before medicating is especially applicable to new partners. Have a conversation about safer sex needs and STI testing, what’s on the menu for sexy fun time activities – do you only want to make out and cuddle or do you want penetration or do you want oral or do you want…?. The goal with mindful cannabis use is to check in with yourself and figure out where you are presently, where you’d like to be, and then choosing an appropriate cannabis product to help you get there.

For instance, if something stressful happened during the day and my body is tense and I’m feeling anxious, but I want to be in the mood for sexy times, I might choose something with high CBD to help my body relax and to counteract some of my anxiety. If I’m feeling sluggish but want to have really frenzied lustful sex, I might choose something that’s more creative and energetic.

Which brings me to my second rule–try it on your own first. You don’t know what effects a product or strain will have on your body before trying it since everyone is different, so it’s important to test things out on your own so you know the effects in advance.

I suggest taking the time with a new product or strain to enjoy it, notice the effects it has on your body, then masturbate and notice those effects too. That way when you use it with a partner, you can isolate variables more readily if something isn’t feeling quite right.

You can find Ashley Manta on her website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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Launching Ellementa in Portland

We’re on a mission to reach more women with quality information and resources geared toward her exploration of cannabis for health and wellness. To do this, we are organizing Gatherings in cities across the country, bringing women together to engage in a practice they have been doing since ancient times – storytelling and sharing around women’s issues.

Last night, we launched in our 4th city – Portland, Oregon – with the help of Meg Worden, a local health and wellness coach. The Seattle Gathering happens 7/27 with the help of local marketing strategist Heidi Miller.

The Gathering was held in a wonderful space – Tillamook Station – and the proprietor, Yvonne, joined us for an evening of candid conversation about cannabis. Yvonne runs Make and Mary that hosts crafts and cannabis events.

Find out where Ellementa is Gathering near you!

Ellementa Seattle Launches Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm.

The evening opened with a greeting from Ellementa co-founder, Aliza Sherman, telling her personal story about cannabis as well as showcasing four companies that supported the event: She Don’t Know Snacks, Cedar & Finch, Ario Vape and Levo Oil.

Then the candid conversation began.

First, Aliza spoke about her mother’s ovarian cancer and how the chemo was causing serious problems at this stage. Next step: looking into CBD. The women then took turns introducing themselves and sharing their experiences with cannabis, from using it post-hysterectomy to applying a cannabis salve to injuries after a recent car accident (sped up healing) to relief from anxiety.

One woman admitted she was not currently a consumer of cannabis but was seeking knowledge because of all of the positive anecdotal information she had been hearing. Listening to the women in the room gave her even more information to consider about cannabis for health and wellness.

The evening’s program concluded with Jill Trinchero, founder of She Don’t Know, talking about her gluten-free, 5 mg. cannabis-infused snacks. She spoke about microdosing and shared information about upcoming products she is launching this year. Stay tuned!

The goal of these in-person meetings is to tap into the amazing energy that happens when you put women in a room and give them a platform to share their wisdom.

Each one of us has wisdom to share that can bring peace and comfort or sanity-saving, even life-saving information, to other women.

Partway through the introductions, the suggestion to move from theatre seating to a circle was made, and in an instant, every woman moved her chair to form a powerful and inclusive circle. This spontaneous action was yet another example of how Ellementa Gatherings are open, responsive, and organic experiences that bring women together in a positive and welcoming way.

We encourage you to attend an Ellementa event in your area

If you are interested in organizing a Gathering in your community, please be in touch. We offer a revenue share to our Organizers.

Learn more about promoting relevant products or services to our community of women.

2nd Sold Out Anchorage Gathering

What a night! We sold out another Gathering on May 18th in Anchorage, Alaska. If we had any doubt that women are eager to learn about cannabis for wellness, we are certain now that we are on to something!

We heard from speakers Dr. Bruck Clift and Jonnie Gunther about cannabis and pain. The women in attendance had many questions and stories to share. One women opened up about her incredible journey coming off of opioids through the use of cannabis to address her pain.

Our next Gathering will be held in Denver on June 7, 2017 at 7pm at Post Modern Company.

A major revelation for us was that simply creating a safe space for open conversations about cannabis serves a tremendous need. Women are seeking quality information about cannabis and benefit greatly from hearing about other women’s experiences.

Ellementa provides the support women need to better understand cannabis as a healing plant. Ellementa Gatherings and online forums are the safe spaces for women to explore and share.

Thanks to our sponsors, Salon Davinci, Indigo Tea Lounge, and Enlighten Alaska for their support of this amazing evening!

Want to Join Ellementa as a member? Check out the perks!

Learn more about Ellementa Gatherings.


My Cannabis Wellness Story

Aliza Sherman is co-founder of Ellementa

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am a woman sharing my story.

When I first heard about cannabis for non-addictive pain relief and insomnia relief, my first thought was, “If it is so effective, then why is it illegal?”

I’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain for several years after two frozen shoulders and a few years of physical therapy trying to get my mobility back. I was in my mid-40s with the first frozen shoulder, my late 40s with the second one, and in my early 50s in near-constant neck pain from years of computer use.

I’ve always refused to take any pill stronger than Advil, and I’ve worried about the effects of too much Advil on my liver. I decided long ago that opioids would never be for me, long before the news was filled with horror stories about the ravages of opioids in our communities nationwide. I won’t take sleeping pills after a nightmarish Ambien experience that left me hallucinating. So I suffered.

And I wasn’t the only one who suffered. My family endured the ill effects of my lack of sleep and chronic pain – irritability and a short temper being the most prevalent.

I was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode from sleep deprivation and frazzled nerves.

I was miserable and making everyone around me miserable.

Exploring cannabis as a wellness alternative wasn’t simple even for me: a woman who has embraced alternative medicines, herbs, homeopathy, applied kinesiology, chiropractic and the like since the 1980s.

First, there was the issue of legality.

The federal government still clings to anti-marijuana propaganda dating back to the early 1900s. Yes, that’s how out of touch and outdated the War on Drugs’ inclusion of marijuana is, not to mention racist and corrupt. But that’s another story.

My Cannabis Experiences

From a legal standpoint, I was living in Alaska, a state where cannabis had been legal for personal use since the 1970s. Still, I didn’t know the first thing about obtaining marijuana legally for pain relief, much less what to buy or how to consume it.

I still felt fear about turning to cannabis, no matter how much research I read from credible medical and scientific sources dispelling the myths. I was the girl who in fifth grade won Honorable Mention for a science fair exhibit called “Close Encounters of the Worse Kind” where I regurgitated the information I found in 1980s textbooks that marijuana was a “gateway drug” to heroin, something that has been disproven many times over but is still a falsehood perpetrated by our government today.

Sure, I smoked a little pot back in high school and college. I wasn’t entirely ignorant about cannabis or smoking accessories. Yet in my early 50s, I felt lost and embarrassed and somewhat afraid to consider cannabis to relieve the pain that was casting darkness over my life.

Obtaining Cannabis

As I educated myself about the business and marketing side of cannabis, I began speaking at cannabis-related events. At one event, I happened upon a booth where a company guided people step-by-step through the process of getting a marijuana medical card. I paid several hundred dollars to go through the process.

While it was a relief to have someone knowledgeable guide me, I later learned that because I was over 21 and living in a legal state, I didn’t need a medical card for cannabis. I made an expensive mistake because of my own ignorance about the laws. I should have asked around, but that brought me back to my embarrassment about lacking in knowledge.

Finally, I connected with several women who were incredibly kind and generous with information about cannabis. One explained to me the various compounds within the cannabis plant that can be released when consumed providing potentially positive effects including anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative.

Another woman agreed to be my “caregiver” to provide me with legally grown cannabis. Alaska has a caregiver model versus a medical dispensary model. Individuals are allowed to grow a certain number of cannabis plants for a limited number of patients.

Now I had cannabis and a dried flower vaporizer (also known as a “vape pen”) that offered precise temperatures to release specific terpenes for specific effects (insomnia relief, for example) – and I was still nervous about trying it.

When I finally mustered the courage, I was careful to consume at bedtime after the kids were asleep – just two to three puffs off the vape pen. Then I read or worked some crossword puzzles until I drifted to sleep. The first time I tried it, I slept through the night. Not only did I sleep through the night, but I did not wake up in pain, I did not have night sweats (something common whenever I have a glass of red wine in the evenings), and I woke up clear headed and rested.

That first morning when I realized I had slept an uninterrupted eight hours, I cried.

A Mission Around Cannabis Wellness

I still am nervous about consuming, but I’m getting more comfortable over time. I don’t do it around my family. I worry about the smell even though vaporizers are less odorous than other smoking implements.

I don’t use it nightly mostly because I don’t want there to be any cumulative effect from regular use, and I don’t want to become overly reliant on it. These are my own personal fears – not based on facts. After decades of hearing the propaganda, I still have a ways to go until I fully embrace this healing plant.

When I am not smoking, I apply a CBD Hemp Extract topically to my neck and shoulders for some relief.

I’m still in the learning stage, but hearing so many women talk about the wellness benefits that cannabis is bringing to their lives, I realize I’m not alone.

Now I’m on a mission to help other women like me understand more about cannabis for wellness, for themselves – and in some cases, for their loved ones. The stories – about cannabis helping children with epilepsy, helping cancer patients with appetite and with relief from chemo-induced nausea, helping seniors with arthritis pain and even calming the agitation from dementia – are mind-boggling.

How could a natural and ancient healing plant with unique properties and benefits be outlawed? 

It really makes you question the motives behind decisions to bar access to something that time and time again has proven not to be a dangerous substance; something that continues to help people who are suffering find non-addictive, low-side-effect relief from their pain.

I’m on a mission to empower women with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about cannabis wellness in a safe and discreet way, learning from other women who have experience and wisdom to share.

Won’t you join me?

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Ellementa Chicago

Join Ellementa at the Living Room in WIcker Park for our third Gathering! Gatherings are nights of sharing, story telling, and connecting at a women only private event, an evening of conversation and learning about cannabis for women’s health and wellness.

Ellementa is a new, women-owned woman-focused national community and resource for women interested in cannabis wellness.

Topic TBD

Please feel free to invite any woman you know that would benefit.

Ellementa Gatherings are being organized in cities across the country. Membership to Ellementa includes features such as discounts on relevant products and services and access to private online forums for community and support. You do not have to be a member to attend the event. If you identify as female and are interested in cannabis wellness, this event is for you.

Whether you are new to cannabis, a seasoned pro, or simply curious to know more about how women are using cannabis, there is something here for you. Ellementa Gatherings are opportunities for women to come together to share their stories and experiences with cannabis, learn from experts in the field, try new products and network with one another.

NOTE: There is limited seating for this event. If you cannot attend, please release your ticket so another woman can attend. You may request a full refund for the cost of your ticket if you are unable to attend up until the evening of the event. After the event, a refund less a small admin fee will be processed.

Ellementa NYC: Women, Cannabis and Pain Relief

Ellementa meets regularly to bring women together to learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving.

This month’s program is:

Ellementa and The Bowery Cannabis Club Present:

“Women, Cannabis, and Pain Relief”

As women, we tend to care for others before ourselves. We may be experiencing pain and yet suffer in silence. Learn how cannabis and CBD, can be beneficial to our health and wellbeing and offer us relief.

We’ll talk about the differences between THC and CBD and how they interact with our bodies and brains – and each other. Learn about the Endocannabinoid System and some of the science behind why cannabis and its elements and compounds can be good for our health.

Our panel for the evening’s discussion will include Aliza Sherman, co-founder of Ellementa; Sara Shapiro, our NYC organizer, and Micaela Foley from The Alchemist’s Kitchen, our venue host.

There will be tasty treats for attendees and special gifts and giveaways. Plus high quality products for sale.

More details soon!

This is a non-consumption event (no cannabis). Education only.

About Bowery Cannabis Club

The Bowery Cannabis Club exists to connect, educate, and serve the international community that is awakening to the healing power of cannabis. BCC hosts events and workshops that inspire connection and discussion. BCC also provides premium products, at special prices for members. Learn about the health benefits of cannabis, and the wide variety of ways to integrate it into your wellness routine. Stay connected to the leading researchers, doctors, thinkers, and organizations propelling this movement. BCC events are held at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, and open to all people who feel passionate about this remarkable plant. Learn about the latest medical research into CBD and THC, sample new products, or consult with an expert for personalized advice. Visit to become a member.

VENUE: Alchemist Kitchen

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is dedicated to celebrating the power of plants and is a a unique destination in the Bowery. More than a botanical dispensary and a whole plant tonic bar serving elixirs and healthy treats, we are a gateway into a conscious lifestyle and community through our plant-based products, wellness events and transformational workshops. Visit The Alchemist’s Kitchen.

About Our Panelists

The Alchemist's Kitchen

Micaela Foley is a practicing herbalist with an educational background in Western herbalism, alchemy, and medical astrology. She completed the foundational course from herbal college, ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism and has previously taken courses on alchemy and astrological herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She currently manages the herbal program at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, writes articles for The Alchemist’s Kitchen blog, teaches a recurring CBD clinic and other workshops, and fields questions about herbs, products, and protocols at


Rachel Schepart; RPh PharmaCannis LLC. Based in Buffalo, New York, Rachel leverages her experience as a pharmacist and as manager of the first opening Dispensary in NY for PharmaCannis LLC. Rachel’s background includes palliative care, Hospice management, Home infusion patient care and retail pharmacy. Rachel currently oversees New York operations of four Dispensaries in New York as the Regional Manager of Retail Sales & Operations for PharmaCannis.


Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is co-founder and CEO of Ellementa, Inc., publisher of, and an author of 11 books She founded the first woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc., and the first global group for women to learn about the Internet from other women, Webgrrls International. She also founded one of the earliest social media agencies in 2006 and a smartphone apps company in 2010.

Ellementa NYC

Sara Shapiro, Co Founder of NY TechBreakfast has joined Ellementa to launch and run the New York City chapter. Her passion is startups, nonprofits and organizations with a mission in synch with her own.



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Ellementa West Michigan: Cannabis for Women’s Pain Relief

Ellementa meets regularly to bring women together to learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving. This is a non-consumption, educational event for women.

This Month’s Program: Cannabis and Pain Management

The evening’s conversation will be led by Jamie Goswick with guest speaker Rebecca Neil of Paradigm Wellness. Learn more about cannabis for managing pain.

Our Location Host:

Ellementa Atlanta: Cannabis for Women’s Pain Relief

Ellementa meets regularly to bring women together to learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving. This is a non-consumption, educational event for women.

This Month’s Program: Cannabis for Women’s Pain Relief

The evening’s conversation will be led by Gloria Moore and Aliza Sherman of Ellementa. The topic will be pain relief and how cannabis is being used by women for pain management.

About Gloria Moore

Gloria Moore is the President of Confetti Communications, a public relations boutique headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that creates positioning opportunities for individuals and companies via networking, social media, and strategic events. She is the creator of The Right Place @ The Right Time™, a unique social and business positioning service that blends social media and publicity, event hosting and selective networking for individuals and companies that want to raise their profile in the Southeast.

About Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is co-founder and CEO of Ellementa, Inc., publisher of, and an author of 11 books She founded the first woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc., and the first global group for women to learn about the Internet from other women, Webgrrls International. She also founded one of the earliest social media agencies in 2006 and a smartphone apps company in 2010.



Ellementa is Crowdfunding!

Help bring an event like this to YOUR city! Click to Support.

Ellementa Women Cannabis Wellness

Ellementa Denver: Women, Cannabis, and Yoga

Ellementa meets regularly to bring women together to learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving. This is a non-consumption, educational event for women.

This Month’s Program: Women, Cannabis, and Yoga

Friday, Oct. 20 @ 6:30pm

We will be doing some yoga by Greenlove Denver and have a discussion around Yoga and Wellness.

Instructor, Lucy Rose, also known as Greenlove Denver, will guide you through a mindful vinyasa flow with the intention of finding your inner light, personal strength, and peace within.

Participants are invited to use cannabis before class as a way to assist in finding a deeper mind body connection while on the mat. The vinyasa flow class pairs the sun and moon energy offering up a good workout while honoring the rest your body needs.