2nd Sold Out Anchorage Gathering

What a night! We sold out another Gathering on May 18th in Anchorage, Alaska. If we had any doubt that women are eager to learn about cannabis for wellness, we are certain now that we are on to something!

We heard from speakers Dr. Bruck Clift and Jonnie Gunther about cannabis and pain. The women in attendance had many questions and stories to share. One women opened up about her incredible journey coming off of opioids through the use of cannabis to address her pain.

Our next Gathering will be held in Denver on June 7, 2017 at 7pm at Post Modern Company.

A major revelation for us was that simply creating a safe space for open conversations about cannabis serves a tremendous need. Women are seeking quality information about cannabis and benefit greatly from hearing about other women’s experiences.

Ellementa provides the support women need to better understand cannabis as a healing plant. Ellementa Gatherings and online forums are the safe spaces for women to explore and share.

Thanks to our sponsors, Salon Davinci, Indigo Tea Lounge, and Enlighten Alaska for their support of this amazing evening!

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