January is about Cannabis and Self-Care

No matter what is happening politically, women are eager to learn more about cannabis - and we're here to provide the best and most relevant information for all of our specific needs.

Denver Gathering on June 7th

We’re excited to announce that both Aliza Sherman and Melissa Pierce, Ellementa co-founders, will be at the first Denver Gathering on Wednesday, June 7 at Postmodern!

Where is Cannabis Legal?

Remember the 80s? That decade brought us Flashdance, Scrunchies and big hair, and the War on Drugs with the slogan “Just Say No.” Fast-forward to 2017, and state governments are revisiting their marijuana laws and realizing that the ancient…
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Comforting Skin Care Rituals to Look Out for YOU

We know that true wellness happens from the outside in as well as the inside out.

Psychedelics and Mental Health – Take a (psychedelic) Trip for Your Health

Mental illness still holds a tremendous stigma in our society, and for the Hispanic community, it is something to remain unspoken.
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Boosting Your Mood With Cannabis

Mood swings, anxiety, depression – hormonal changes can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional state. Whether you're experiencing PMS or in the throes of menopause, cannabis can offer relief.


Altered States of Consciousness Without Drugs with Nanea Reeves

Learn how to use virtual reality (with or without psychedelics) to hack the way you feel. About this Event Cutting edge advances in technology can be used to promote wellness. In this session, we'll speak with Nanea Reeves,…

Get Your Sexy On, Naturally with Chelsea Cebara

We're bringing back sex educator and product developer, Chelsea Cebara, to talk to us more about her favorite topic! In this episode of "The Ellementa Show," Chelsea will focus on the groundwork - the very basics that Mother…

Finding Your Inner Artist with Theda Sandiford

Meet Theda Sandiford, a self-taught mixed media artist based in Jersey City, NJ who discovered her inner artist after years in the music business.