Psychedelics and Mental Health – Take a (psychedelic) Trip for Your Health

While it may not be safe to TRAVEL, you could still take a TRIP…

I was fascinated by the recent story on NPR, Scientists Say A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine. It was about how psychedelics and mental health.

This was shortly after our session on Ketamine with Kristen Arden from Mindbloom (WATCH NOW). Then I spoke with Charlotte James, who co-founded The Sabina Project, a black-led psychedelic education, training and harm-reduction initiative, about Sacred Earth Medicine.

 I also spoke with Bett Williams, author of the new memoir, The Wild Kindness; A Psilocybin Odyssey (Dottir Press) You can watch her discuss her experience here (WATCH NOW).

I’ve been suffering from depression all my life, although not knowing what it was until my 40s when I was in the throes of postpartum depression (PPD). Suddenly, my parents revealed that my mom had something similar and that her mom, my abuelita, did, too.

Mental illness still holds a tremendous stigma in our society, and for the Hispanic community, it is something to remain unspoken.

I finally received treatment, 11 months into PPD, and was on an SSRI for three years before titrating off.

Have I been okay since then? Yes and No.

The thing about mental illness is that it comes with both light and dark, both positive and negative. My truest creativity stems from both my darkness and from my “different” view of the world and how I process information.

But as winter descends, I realize that the lack of sunlight where I live will exacerbate an inner darkness, and I could be at risk of sinking.

So I’m looking at psychedelic options to reset my brain and break the dark hold of depression.

Have you tried psychedelics for your mental health? We’d love to hear your story.