by Melissa Pierce, co-founder, Ellementa

I haven’t been shopping for months. Things are not business as usual, and I can’t get used to this “new normal.” When will things be okay?

A plain white delivery box arrived in the mail the other day. On one side was a bulleted list entitled “Dope ways to recycle this box,” on the other, the mailing label and a single tiger sticker. This plain white box piqued my curiosity. What could be inside?

The contents were anything but plain.

My eyes were treated to a pink mountain framed by a blue sky, a roaring tiger, and two beautifully designed boxes nestled inside. One box contained a ginger kombucha skin tonic and the other held a coconut water and noni fruit electrolyte spray, both infused with 150mg of CBD.

My review package had arrived from WLDKAT, a new woman-owned skincare company, a company so bold that they launched in the middle of a pandemic.

I was intrigued to find out what kombucha was doing in skincare.

The first thing I noticed about the WLDKAT ginger kombucha toner was the bottle that was just as attractive as the packaging and surprisingly sturdy and made of 100% post-consumer plastic. At first, I was a little stymied by how to dispense the pink toner when I couldn’t squeeze the bottle.

How was I going to get enough out onto my cotton ball to use the toner? But then I realized I didn’t need to use a lot – just a little shake onto the cotton ball or a few shakes straight into my hands like a men’s aftershave. You’ll know if you use too much because it will feel sticky on your face – truly, a little dab’ll do ya’.

The coconut water noni fruit electrolyte spray was also packaged beautifully and self-explanatory on how to use it. The directions say to spray it on after using the toner, which I did, but I also sprayed it on my face any time I passed by the bottle.

What can I say? This spray was that little refreshing something I needed to break up the monotony of being stuck at home for months.

Did the products work? I did notice a marked change in the texture of my skin over the two weeks I used the ginger kombucha toner and the noni fruit electrolyte spay. I think the antibacterial properties of the kombucha, the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD, and the antioxidant and skin toning properties of the ginger were the 1-2-3 punch my skin needed. 

The added pizzaz of spraying my face with noni fruit – an ingredient shown to repair collagen-  was really just a fun bonus. 

Reader: This is where I tell you that these two liquid products made me want to wash my face over and over just so I could use them again. I’m not really a toner person. Who has the kind of time for that? Bring me the creams and lotions! But the subtle ginger scent, the beautiful bottles, and the ritual of taking a deliberate moment just for myself leaves me feeling and looking radiant and soothed. WLDKAT really did it for me. 

Maybe everything is going to be okay after all.