To celebrate the successful launch of our website and launching our in-person Ellementa Gatherings in Anchorage, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, & Portland, we’re giving you gifts!

We are giving away 4 awesome prizes, 1 per week, provided by some of our Sponsors and Vendors as our thanks to YOU!

Week 1: Break the Grass Ceiling book

Get Break the Grass Ceiling, an inspiring and educational book featuring women in the cannabis industry. Authors Ashley Picillo and Lauren Devine interviewed women who are making their mark in an emerging industry with their cannabis businesses.

Week 2: Pipe Bracelet via Erbanna

Get this beautiful, handy and discreet Pipe Bracelet from Erbanna. Wear it on your wrist or hang it from your handbag, have it at the ready!

Week 3: Ario Vape Herb Vaporizing Pen

Finely-tuned temperature control on the Ario Vape pen help you release the elements and compounds you want for the desired results. Sleek and easy to use.

Week 4: My Bud Vase “Liberty” Water Pipe

Multi-functional, elegant and one-of-a-kind vase from My Bud Vase expertly converted into a water pipe. Display with pride, use with confidence.

By entering this sweepstakes, you’ll be added to the Ellementa list, joining  women across the country interested in cannabis wellness. We meet face-to-face each month and stay in touch online through private forums.

We’re launching in-person Gatherings in Chicago, Portland, and Seattle this month!

Get in touch to find out how you can get involved!