About Ellementa

As people begin to better understand that cannabis is a medicinal plant – and as more states legalize its use – many women are asking:

“Is cannabis right for me, for my loved ones, for my partner?”

Ellementa was created to provide you with trusted information, supportive community, and reliable resources to understand the wellness benefits of cannabis. We guide you on how to integrate cannabis legally, safely, and discreetly into your life.

We are bringing together diverse women with different levels of experience with cannabis – from the long-time consumer to the curious and exploring, from the medical user to the woman looking for a safe way to unwind at the end of the day.

Ellementa Women are meeting monthly in cities across the country to learn about cannabis for wellness from one another and from experts.

Won’t you join us?

Ellementa is the trusted women’s cannabis wellness community to help you provide more informed care for yourself and your loved ones.

Our philosophy

As women, we are often the caregivers of our families, our aging parents, even our ailing friends. We must also take care of ourselves so we can handle juggling the many aspects of our lives.

We are at the Epicenter of Care for our loved ones and ourselves.

Ellementa offers both online and offline instruction, support and ways for women to gather around the topic of cannabis. Providing multiple platforms for women to connect and learn makes sense. We’re social. We want to interact with other women like us, joined by a desire to help others and by our real need to also help ourselves.

We believe that women should and will be the driving force for cannabis wellness. We aim to empower as many women as possible with quality information and supportive communities to supplement their exploration, their cannabis journey.

Become an Ellementa Woman.

Ellementa Founders

Aliza Sherman

Cofounder and CEO

Role: CEO, Editorial

Strengths: Coming up with ideas, getting things done,

Weaknesses: Dark chocolate, Pinot Noir.

Cannabis Story: Tried it in high school and college. Using periodically now for pain relief, insomnia relief and stress relief.

Favorite Cannabis-Related Product: Ario Vape

Favorite Food: Mexican, Japanese

Favorite Drink: Kombucha

Favorite Movie: Bladerunner

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure: Scandal & Nashville

Desert Island Disc: Roxy Music, Avalon

Melissa Pierce

Cofounder and CMO

Role: CMO and acting COO

Strengths: Building great ideas into fascinating products

Weaknesses: Tall trees with climbable branches

Cannabis Story: Was never into it, only rediscovered its many medicinal properties when her partner started managing anxiety with it.

Favorite Cannabis-Related Product: So many new things to explore!!

Favorite Food: Poke

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Movie: Tampopo

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure: Mystery Science Theater and The OA

Desert Island Disc: A Love Supreme, John Coltrane