Karen Zalusky

Buffalo, NY Leader

A Connector of People and Arranger of Things, Karen Z. is a risk taker, artist, and multi-passion entrepreneur.

After being laid off twice in a two year period, she left the security of her 8-year-career as a Buffalo Ellementary Teacher and Literacy Coach to pursue small business ownership primarily within the event and entertainment industry, though she has conducted business in the online health/wellness, retail, and beauty industries as well.

Through much personal and professional growth, Karen Z. has blossomed into a multi-passion entrepreneur, connecting with and helping other female entrepreneurs find their inner “girlboss” along the way.

From the lens of an ex-teacher-turned-bosslady event planner & girlboss motivator (with some pretty miraculous results using Full Extract Cannabis Oil with family members,) Karen Z. brings a molotov cocktail of experience to the Ellementa gathering table and is excited to use her talents to connect with, educate, and encourage women within the Buffalo community on issues surrounding wellness through Cannabis.