Cathleen Mitchell

Phoenix, AZ Organizer

Cathleen was initially introduced to the cannabis industry while working with her client, a medical marijuana dispensary, to position them for acquisition. During that time, she realized there was an enormous opportunity to fill a gap within the cannabis space by providing an unparalleled retail experience—curating the best CBD products and hemp goods under the brand name Kaya Hemp Co.

The Kaya mission is two-fold: to provide in-person access to a curated selection of CBD goods within a welcoming and informative environment, while advocating for all things hemp. From cultivators to makers/artisans, we are committed to supporting an industry that can make a significant impact in our world through sustainable practices and conscious choices.

In addition to her experience and advocacy in the cannabis space, Cathleen has been a long-time advocate for the alternative healing and wellness industries. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, she incorporates traditional medicines and practices in her daily life.