Cathleen Mitchell

Phoenix, AZ Organizer

The visionary behind Kaya Hemp Company is Cathleen Mitchell, a business owner of 25 years with a proven track record in brand development, design, and marketing.

She is a native of Phoenix and received her BFA from the University of Arizona with a focus on graphic design, marketing, and architecture. Shortly after graduation, she worked in Tokyo with White Communications and then moved to New York City where she launched her brand business, MM Brand Agency.

She returned to Phoenix in 2008 and relocated her business, continuing to work with clients in NYC, LA, Seattle, Shanghai, and D.C. Over the last 25 years, MM’s client base has spanned a variety of industries including education, professional services, finance, technology, art and architecture, retail and manufacturing, cannabis-focused ventures, and non-profits.

Cathleen was initially introduced to the cannabis industry while working with her client, Swell Farmacy, a medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, AZ to position them for acquisition. She increased the company valuation by building and managing the Swell brand and developing and implementing their marketing strategies. During that time, she realized there was an enormous opportunity to fill a gap within the cannabis space by providing an unparalleled retail experience—curating the best CBD products and hemp goods under the brand name Kaya Hemp Co. (CBD Apothecary & Hemp Mercantile).

In addition to her experience and advocacy in the cannabis space, Cathleen has been a long-time advocate for the alternative healing and wellness industries. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, she has incorporated traditional medicines and practices in her daily life. Most recently she completed her Reiki studies and has adapted a plant-based approach to supplement and support her holistic and sustainable values toward health and well-being.