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    Melissa Fierce

    Linked are the February Talking Points. We titled it “The Female Body” but the description details cannabis and CBD affects on women’s reproductive health and sexual pleasure so these points cover that. Remember: We are talking about cannabis and CBD but using a neutral title in Eventbrite. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Leader Support:

    I wanted to introduce you to Kera who will be our new Leader Support, handling your 3 main listings – Eventbrite, Facebook Event and the Ellementa website listing for all your Gatherings. Always email [email protected] to reach her (and us) with questions, etc.

    Gathering Planner:

    We’re now working on March Eventbrites so if you are planning a February Gathering, please make sure they are in this week. The benefit of getting them in early is more marketing push from us.

    Remember we need 3-4 weeks advance notice for your Gatherings – that means info entered into the Gathering Planner and ready to go.

    Email Marketing:

    A reminder that we publish a national email to 8000+ women two times a month, usually the end of the previous month (Example: 1/30 email will go out today promoting the February dates that are currently on Eventbrite) and middle of the month (Example: 2/15 promotes all February dates and teases March dates).

    To get into both emails, we need your info in the Planner by the 15th of the month prior to your Gathering. Otherwise, it will only make it into the second monthly email.

    We may also do a regional email when there is a cluster of dates such as a California only or East Coast only or even Midwest only email. We continue to email your past registrants via Eventbrite once your Eventbrite is approved. And we schedule a minimum of 6 social media posts per Gathering (with enough lead time).

    Regarding Samples: Tea Parties took place in Nov/Dec/Jan and were a big success, BUT they are a lot of work for us to get brands on board to send samples. While we don’t have the resources to do this, we continue to offer sampling to all brands we’re speaking with and if they want to sample and pick your city, we’ll be in touch. For example, right now we’re speaking with a new CBD gummies company wanting to do special programs particularly in Austin, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. We’re brainstorming ideas. Stay tuned!

    Thanks all! Make sure to post your questions, comments, photos and other interesting news in our Ellementa Lead Group. (If you’re new and don’t yet have access, email [email protected]).

    Thank you!

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