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Adaptogens: What They Are and Why They Matter

Have you heard of adaptogens? As we move into 2021, we really need them in our lives. Adaptogens may seem to be the newest health fad, but we assure you, they are not! There is actual evidence supporting their use - not to mention centuries…
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Herbs And Immunity With Lori Barron L.Ac

Meet Priya Apotheca co-founder and traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Lori Barron. This is an introductory webinar to understanding plant medicine for your immune system. Learn how you can begin to forge a relationship with some…
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Adaptogens and Why They Matter

 Adaptogens seem to be everywhere these days, from our coffees, to our protein powders, to our beauty products. But, what are adaptogens, and how do they work? How can you properly incorporate adaptogens into your daily wellness…