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Meet the Filmmaker!

“The Healing Powers” documentary series is produced and hosted by Mareesa Stertz and will be streaming on Gaia TV starting January 30th.

Watch a 7 minute episode on “Cannabis and Seniors” where host Mareesa Stertz visits the East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club to talk with patient advocates, medical practitioners, and educators who are spreading the positive word about how cannabis is improving the quality of senior’s lives.

Then join a live conversation following the video clip with Mareesa to learn more about her series and what she has learned about cannabis and healing.

This interactive Watch Party is part of the Ellementa educational webinar series to bring better information about cannabis and CBD to YOU.

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Brought to you by Ellementa and MyJane

Can CBD or cannabis really enhance sexual pleasure or ease sexual anxiety or pain?

We’ll speak with a physician, Dr. Shena Vander Ploeg, who regularly discusses Cannabis with patients regarding relief from common health conditions that could interfere with sexual wellness.

After this webinar, you will know:

  1. What CBD is, where it comes from, and how to find safe, quality products for female intimate health and wellness.
  2. The various ways of administering CBD – from ingestibles to topicals to suppositories – to address specific needs.
  3. Where cannabis fits in to the intimacy equation including relaxation, enhanced pleasure, and pain relief.

You deserve really good, pain-free sex. There, we’ve said it!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our webinar expert.

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About MyJane

Created by women for women, MyJane is a community enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices about cannabis. We’ve done the research for you, evaluating and curating the best products in boxes to demystify the cannabis experience for women. 

Brought to you by Ellementa and Circle Labs

THCa, THCv, CBDa – what? Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about THC and CBD, there’s more to learn about cannabinoids including the acid and variant forms.

And did you know two new cannabinoids – THCP and CBDP – were recently discovered? We’ll talk about that!

We love Emma Chasen! As an expert on the science behind cannabis, Emma brings complex concepts to our level so we gain a deeper understanding of the plant.

After this webinar, you will know:

  1. What Cannabinoids are and what the research is showing they do.
  2. Why and how Cannabinoids affect our bodies and brains, such as THC getting you high but CBD not having intoxicating effects.
  3. How to identify wellness products that emphasize particular Cannabinoids for specific effects.

Know what is in the medicine you are taking or planning to take. More knowledge means greater effectiveness.

About Circle Labs

The highest grade CBD and CBDa. Hand crafted with top grade flower offering the highest levels and widest spectrum of phytonutrients.

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