Vaping Start Kit

Just getting started? We recommend vaping as a smoother, more controllable form of consumption. Here are the basic items we like for beginning cannabis consumption journeys.

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The Herbivore 4-Piece Grinder – $21.99

The Herbivore Grinder – Made from high-quality aluminum with sharp blades for grinding herb to the right consistency. Features a bottom compartment with a pollen screen for collecting kief (the dried resin glands from the plant). Includes a scrape tool and a felt pouch for storage.

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Pax 2 Loose Leaf Vaporizer – $199

The Pax 2 is a well-known vaporizer for loose, dried herb. Made of anodized aluminum with a sleek, discreet design. The mouthpiece is a vent instead of a separate component. The LED light signals when it is warming, ready to use or conserving energy. Comes with a USB charging system with a lithium ion battery that charges in 2-3 hours. This is an older model but in a good price point for starting out. Check out the Pax 2 Loose Leaf Vaporizer.

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StashLogix Odor-Resistant Stash Bag (Go Stash)
– $49

Carry all of your accessories in the StashLogix bags for their flexibility and versatility. Reconfigure what it can hold snugly and securely by moving around velcro dividers. Comes with two jars to hold product and a carbon odor-combatting pouch as well as a small notebook and pen to take notes on what you consume and the effects. Comes in three sizes: Go, Eco and Pro. We recommend the smaller Go size to neatly fit the above accessories. Also comes in Natural Hemp or Black Nylon. Get a StashLogix Odor-Resistant Stash Bag (Go Stash).

Shop with our partner: Healthy Headie – a woman-owned business

The Ario Vape – $150*

The Ario Vape vaporizing pen lets you take control your vaping experience with customizable temperature settings 300-435°F/148-223°C. Engage specific terpenes with a simple adjustment of temperature. Ario Vape warms herb in a ceramic heating chamber surrounded by a tungsten heating element for even baking in less than 30 seconds. Functional, portable, easy to use. Available in Black or Blue.

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