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Meditation In Everyday Life

Why do we all need to sit down and meditate? According to the Mayo Clinic, some research suggests that meditation may help people manage anxiety, chronic pain, depression and the stress associated with many other health conditions. In this interactive session, meditation teacher and journalist, Maho Kawachi, will lead a step-by-step guided meditation. Then, we’ll […]


Higher Etiquette With Lizzie Post

If you love our interactive webinars, you’ll really love our book club – a chance to ask authors questions about their book, and they’ll respond live on video. In Higher Etiquette, Lizzie Post–great-great granddaughter of Emily Post and co-president of America’s most respected etiquette brand–explores and celebrates the wide world of legalized weed. Combining cannabis […]


Banish Your Inner Critic

We’ll be talking with Denise Jacobs, founder and CEO of the Creative Dose. She’ll explain the healing power of creativity and how to give yourself mental space to create. Get a huge dose of inspiration and learn how to: ~ Stop self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome ~ Work through anxiety and lack of confidence ~ Gain […]


Cannabis and Moms

Cannabis and Moms. What is it about this combination that elicits so many mixed opinions? Meet Erika Graiff, practical wisdom teacher, feminine leadership coach, an Earth Keeper and Medicine Woman. She’ll guide an open conversation about motherhood and cannabis to unpack the most topical questions and concerns in an effort to destigmatize, normalize, and empower […]


Laurie Wolf, Edibles for Beginners

Meet Laurie Wolf, author of several cooking with cannabis books including Edibles for Beginners. She’ll be on hand to answer your questions such as: ~~ How hard is it to cook edibles? ~~ How do you keep from getting too high? ~~ Do cannabis edibles help seniors? ~~ What are some simple recipes to start […]


Shifting the Stress Reaction with CBD

Stressed? Anxious? Who isn’t these days? Learn more about stress and what it does to your body and brain. Then hear about how CBD can create a positive shift away from damaging stress reactions. In this webinar and conversation, we’ll hear from Dr. Bridget Williams of Green Harvest Health about: – The physiological manifestations of […]


Change Your Life Through Meditation

Jane Pollack was a fashion executive in New York for 25 years before she left it behind to launch Styll Meditation, a virtual mindfulness meditation studio based out of New York. Meditation can be misunderstood, keeping people from trying it. Jane will share how meditation changed the course of her life and career and why […]


Healthcare and the Cannabis Industry

How is the cannabis industry transforming healthcare – and how is it falling short? Meet Sarabeth Perry, the founder of Bace Health, a personalized hemp/CBD company on a mission to close the care gap in cannabis. She’ll talk about healthcare and the cannabis industry, particularly from her perspective as a palliative and chronic health researcher […]